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These people are a bunch of no good liars.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, network political commentator and former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) asked if President Trump was pushing for the use of hydroxychloroquine because Russia’s Vladimir Putin owned a “stake” in the drug.

According to Breitbart, “I really am interested on this hydroxychloroquine,” McCaskill said. “I’m interested to ask Jonathan Lemire, as he’s in the press room and as he’s working his sources and his news agency is working sources. I’m assuming there’s investigative types out there following the money on hydroxy, because it’s the only thing that makes sense, you know. You know, does Putin have a stake in hydroxy? You know, is the Deutsche Bank backing hydroxy?

Adding, “It is baffling to me that there is such a chorus within the Trump base and the Trump media outlets and Trump about this drug. It has to be money. Is somebody looking at that? Is there any hope that we’re going to find that there’s somebody who’s making real money off this?”

You can watch a clip of McCaskill’s comments here.

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  1. When they passed out brains I’ll bet this woman thought they said trains and asked for a big empty box car …. ! Clearly this individual has way to much time on her hands . And jut think , we pay her for this nonsense . The Trump Derangement Syndrom strikes again .


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