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This is exactly how millions of people across the country feel.

Mainstream media was left speechless after a lifelong Democratic voter called in from Lorain County Ohio to let them know that he was going to vote Republican going forward.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Rick the voter said, “Uh, I’m a lifelong Democrat. I’m from Lorain, Ohio, which is a Democrat city in Ohio. And I just want to say after watching the convention tonight on TV on C-SPAN here, I am definitely changing my vote to Republican. And I’ll tell you what, they just put the Democratic Party to sh, er, the Republican Party to shame. I’m gonna follow the Republican Party now.

“It was the heartfelt way they came across to the American people. And I was really touched by the number of times they used the word, “God.” They put God into everything and the people on the Democratic side on their convention act like they were pushing God right out of it. And that had a lot to do with changing my mind.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. The REPUBLICAN PARTY will be glad to have a fellow DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE S OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY come to his sinces and joining the GREATEST REPUBLICAN PARTY on EARTH. This Gentleman has come to his Sinces and coming to a Respectable Congressional LEADERS.


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