Let me start with fair warning: this story may be the most disturbing story that you read all week, maybe all month. No, it’s not disturbing because it involves a Democrat schoolboard leader who is also a Black Lives Matter activist. It’s disturbing because of what he is being investigated for and who he is alleged to have done it to.

And, yes, this story, tragically, also includes illegal immigrants (hat tip to here for the lead). Anica Padilla writes,

Denver Public School Board Director Tay Anderson will step back from everyday board duties during the investigation into claims he sexually assaulted dozens of students who were undocumented immigrants.

“These false claims have put my family and [me] in harms way,” Anderson tweeted. “I must protect those I love first, therefore I will be stepping back from everyday board functions until the completion of the independent investigation.”

“I am confident the ongoing investigation will prove what I have said from day one and that is I have never sexually assaulted anyone,” Anderson stated. “I look forward to returning in the coming months to continue the fight for Denver students.”

Anderson’s fellow DPS Board members agreed with his decision to step back from routine board functions and events until the conclusion of the investigation authorized by the Board on April 6.

However, Director Anderson will continue to vote on necessary matters — including the hiring of a new superintendent.

So, this guy is accused of molesting over sixty students. And many of them are illegal immigrants, which makes it more difficult for him to be busted for molesting them. Who are they going to go to for protection (Thanks, Joe Biden, for putting more children into this kind of danger with your reckless immigration policies)? And, so, he gets to step back from responsibilities but still gets to vote. Sounds kind of like a paid vacation to me.

Now, I can’t say if Anderson is innocent or guilty. What I can say is that the whole set of accusations are disturbing, and this kind of abuse could explain why so many Democrat politicians want illegal immigrants in America. It’s harder to get in trouble with the law if the people that you abuse are hesitant to go to law enforcement because that may get them deported.

What a horrible, horrible situation.



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