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Alabama’s Democratic state Rep. John Rogers just made an argument that is quite telling about his parties views on life.

Speaking to the state House of Representatives, Rogers declared that abortions make sense because “some kids are unwanted.” But that wasn’t the worst of it.

“Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, then you send them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill them later.”

The barbaric justification for abortion is reprehensible to say the least. Backlash on social media declared Rogers statement as “heartbreaking” and “absolutely disgusting.”

Donald Trump Jr. took note and proclaimed the suggestion as “truly sickening.”

These types of extreme viewpoints are only growing within the Democratic party and the only way to protect the future of the nation is to keep voting Republicans into office.



  1. How a person could not love there child even if unplanned is beyond me, it shows just how evil or inhuman the democrats thinking really is.

  2. Remember when Jessie Jackson thought birth control was an attempt by whites to keep the black population low? Wow, those Dems have really progressed over the years!!

  3. I am embarrased that someone from Alabama said that, if you dont want kids protect yourselves, for heaven sake they give birth control away, then maybe we wouldn’t have to listen to these sinister people wanting to legalize murder!!

  4. Abortion is a medical procedure that is sometimes necessary. Unless YOU are PERSONALLY going to take each child who would be aborted and raise it as your own, you should shut up and let women make their own choices.

    • have37yrs in health care and RARELY is an abortion medically necessary! But a baby in last trimester is viable outside of the womb. It can breathe, eat etc. On its own usually,so therefore that becomes Murder!! Put it up for adoption. Or take the FREE birth control or morning after that’s available right at the beginning and avoid killing a child especially your flesh and blood!!?

    • Everyone, and I hope that includes yourself, knows that there are loving families waiting in line for children, especially babies. So don’t give me that crap about nobody wants them. You and everyone else knows better!

  5. I assume he’s talking about the would be parents, but his reasoning could be extended to those outside them and then you are treading in the steps of those who would demand a Eugenics system.

  6. The party of the people…what a crock of crap. They’ll put all of us in concentration camps first chance they get. People of America…..wake up..the democrats are the plague

  7. This man is sick.. It is disgusting that people elect some one with those sickening views!! This is beyond being normal !!

  8. No one should be allowed to choose death for an innocent baby, no one! A baby is not a choice it is a life. Blacks by far, kill more of their own race than anyone else, they are murdered by abortion or weapons, many every day all over the US. I think Jesse Jackson finally figured out that most blacks die by black on black crime. That doesn’t stop the hate mongers from accusing every cop, especially white cops, of murder when a black person dies. This is racism of the worst sort which was strongly encouraged by the former president.

  9. Why is it that men or men approve of abortion? Are they stupid, there are condoms for the men quant many forms of birth control. Also, there is adoption, some wonderful people truly want a baby but none to be had. They have all been murdered. This black man needs to blame a lot on the males who have nothing to do with raising the children. A woman in our paper was murdered and she had 4 children left behind.# of them had different fathers. People of any color need to find GOD and place him at the head of the table and listen to him. NO abortions unless mom’s life is endangered, rape and incest If done, do it by 6 weeks.


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