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Reporters at Axios have exposed how Democrats plan to launch their own investigation into President Donald Trump and any links to Russia.

Using their majority in the House, Democrats are intending to go beyond the efforts of special counsel Robert Mueller. Seeking to expose anything that can potentially be used against Trump in the 2020 presidential campaign.

It is alleged that the investigation will consist of at least three committees, starting with the The House Intelligence Committee, House Financial Services Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The probe will have a “heavy focus” on money laundering as well as investigation the finances of the Trump family. 

Anything discussed between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will also be given special interest, including documents made by interpreters.

Lastly the investigation is set to be rife with “dramatic public hearings.”

All in all this is looking less like an investigation for the sake of national security and more of a smear campaign that Dems want taxpayers to finance.



  1. The last two years have been like watching a glacier melt.
    The Dems have played this to a tee. Get the AG out of the way and run with any and all accusations against the POTUS. Still unsuccessful in attempting to frame him.
    I CANNOT WAIT for a REAL Attorney General to begin unraveling the huge mess on the beltway.
    TREASON should be the basis for the investigation.

  2. Excellent!!! The lying, traitorous, unethical, amoral, corrupt, ignorant, incompetent, orange shitstain needs to be removed from office by any means necessary.

    • Yes yes yes we all know the goal and the emotional claptrap motivating it.
      It’s the precise reason why it simply won’t work – and have some devastating blowback instead.
      qui in mundis manibus debet aequitas

    • Art, you need to tell us all which one you’re referring to…that slug Schumer or that witch, Piglodi…I agree with you that Schumer and Piglosi are both ignorant and abhorant excuses for human beings. Heaven help us if those two have their wish to give America away to illegal aliens! I hope the illegals pitch tents in their back yards…

    • FOR A COMPLETE IDIOT….you have an amazing vocabulary. Sadly here is NO…..THERE……THERE,
      Piss off…….tired of childish unaccountable bs from losers like you!

  3. you GD democrat leaders just won’t give up until you completely ruin our country knock it off before you end up in jail or worse admit that you dislike your fellow americans but love illegals you hope will vote for you beware another revolution is coming your way

  4. The entire Corrupt Democratic Party needs to be investigated for TREASON, as they have lied to Judges, posted knowingly false documents into the Federal Court FISA Courts and have Judge shopped all of the Liberal Judges in several Circuit Courts…. Pelosi and Schumer are constantly lying and knowingly providing false information about President Trump. So who are the real problems in the American Political Arena?

  5. Lol the Democrat Party has accomplished NOTHING since trump has took office period ! Nothing but … Impeach , Impeach , Impeach and still can’t even do that ! To funny to me. Trump 20/20 MAGA Vote Republican , a no Brainier


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