Andrew Cuomo is a consummate politician. He can say the most absurd things with a straight face, and he can lie to you with a straight face. He can even get indignant when called out about his hypocrisy. If there was ever a truly professional politician, Andrew Cuomo is it.

Of course, fitting that stereotype, Cuomo also has a bureaucracy that massively oppresses people and screws up in major ways on a regular basis. Today’s case-in-point, has to do with CoVid-19 vaccinations. Jack Phillips writes,

Hundreds of people were administered doses of expired COVID-19 vaccines during an event in New York City’s Times Square, city health officials authorities said.

The New York City Health Department confirmed that 899 individuals got Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine at the former NFL Experience building between June 5 and June 10.

A spokesperson for the department told news outlets on Tuesday that those people should schedule another vaccination session as soon as possible.

“We have communicated with Pfizer, which recommended that the patients receive another dose as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said in statements to the media outlets. “While there is no safety risk for the patients, the re-administration is being carried out to ensure that the individuals are fully protected.”

Pardon me for being skeptical when they say that there is no safety risk. They also said that there was no safety risk when Cuomo sent CoVid-19 patients to New York nursing homes, forcing the nursing homes to take those patients and, in the process, exposing thousands of the most vulnerable members of the population to the CoVid-19 virus.

The incompetence of these Democrat bureaucrats runs deep, and their primary concern doesn’t seem to be with keeping New Yorkers alive. It seems to be keeping their jobs.

I do sincerely hope that no one has side effects, but you would think that, after all of the screw ups over the last year, the New York City Health Department would have made sure this wasn’t an issue.



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