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Growing tension on the global stage as reached new heights with one country making a grave declaration against the United States. 

United States military forces in the Middle East have been labeled terrorist forces by Iranian lawmakers in a move of retaliation after the U.S. designated Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group. 

The bill was introduced by Iran’s Defense Minister, Gen. Amir Hatami, and was quickly approved. 

This means that Iran has empowered its people to use “legal, political and diplomatic” measures to thwart American projects. 

204 of the 207 lawmakers present in the 290 seat chamber approved the bill. 

Currently this designation is restricted to forces operation in the Middle East but many lawmakers had pushed to include the entirety of the U.S. military. 



    • My father said that years ago. Kinda harsh but they deserved the terrorist label …refused to stop their nuclear weapons program and Obama failed to hold their feet to the fire…then rewarded them with MILLIONS of $$$$$!

    • Naw no need to ,God is going to take care of them in his time ,and that time is getting very very close and they have no idea of whats coming ,and there is nothing they can do to prevent it.

    • Why did obomer give billions to Iranian in cash and went over Congress if you ask a lot of Americans that is TREASON and he is not in PRISON !!!!!!!

  1. Maybe so. But wait until there is serious trouble. Who will they turn to first?
    Good old USA. And our leadership Wii probably risk American live and resources to help them.

  2. Iran has caused problems in the middle east for years. They sponsor and support Terrorist organizations and let their people starve.
    If they hit the US they will get more than they bargained for!

  3. It may be as high as 50% of the regular people of Iran that are pro-Western. The need to tap into those who feel that way and give them help in throwing off the blanket of religious oppression brought on by the radical Mullahs who are ruling this nation at this time.

  4. The only thing more powerful than nukes are votes ! Nobody gets hurt, no collateral damage, just use the power of good Americans exercising their RIGHT and their DUTY to Vote at every opportunity.

  5. I agree with the nuke em deal. However, there will be no “glowing” in the dark. What all that heat will do is to turn all that sand into a sheet of glass. Check out pictures of the first test of the “A” bomb in the desert SW. All the sand below the blast turned to glass.


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