I’ll admit it. While I don’t wish violence on anyone that I disagree with politically, I dearly love seeing the pet policies put forth by those folks getting killed off completely.

And, now that an inconvenient confession given by Biden’s acting White House budget director has come to light, this may finally be the push needed to kill off Biden’s pet “infrastructure” bill (I put “infrastructure” in quotes because most of the bill is pork barrel rewards for Democrat allies, and very little of the bill actually goes toward any infrastructure of any sort). Tom Ozimek writes,

Acting White House budget director Shalanda Young told a Senate committee hearing Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s proposed $6 trillion spending plans are at risk unless Congress approves associated tax hikes.

Young made the remarks while testifying at a Senate Budget Committee hearing on Biden’s fiscal year 2022 budget proposal, which calls for a sharp ramp-up of non-defense domestic spending while raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest Americans, and boosting IRS enforcement to crack down on tax evasion.

Ozimek continues:

Biden’s ability to enact his agenda will depend on Congress, where lawmakers routinely ignore the White House’s budget requests in favor of their own plans. Republicans have panned Biden’s proposal, while some Democrats have also expressed reservations about Biden’s proposals to raise taxes on businesses and high-income households.

Young acknowledged this Capitol Hill dynamic in her testimony, saying that, “my guess is if the Senate doesn’t pass the offsets that the spending is also in danger,” adding that Congress would need to move ahead with “the full package,” including tax hikes.

Now, if you’ve been a reader here for any amount of time, then you may recall that even those who favor leftist political programs don’t want to pay for them (see here for an example of that).

If tax increases are what it’s going to take to reward Democrat cronies pay for the “infrastructure” bill, then, if the bill can even get passed, the American people are very likely to reward Democrats with a huge loss in the mid-term elections.

I hate tax increases, but I would certainly love to see Pelosi and Schumer lose big in the mid-terms in 2022. So, basically, this bill with either die in Congress or Republicans will win big in 2022. It’s a win either way for political conservatives. I just love seeing leftists (metaphorically) shoot themselves in the foot.



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