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White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters she was assaulted at a restaurant in Maryland last year by a woman who grabbed and shook her, the women has since denied the accusation, CNN reported on Friday.

Conway said in an interview with CNN that the incident took place while she was dining out with her daughter at the Mexican restaurant Uncle Julio’s in the Washington suburb of Bethesda, and that the woman grabbed her arms from behind and was “out of control.”

The accused woman, 63-year-old Mary Elizabeth Inabinett, disputed Conway’s account, her lawyer told CNN, saying she did not assault the top White House staffer but expressed her personal opinions to a public figure in a public place.

Inabinett faces state charges of second degree assault and disorderly conduct in an Oct. 14 incident, according to Maryland court records. Her lawyer, William Alden McDaniel, told CNN she will plead not guilty.

The trial is scheduled for trial on March 29, the records showed.




  1. If she laid hands on Kelly while talking loud or yelling she assaulted her. On the other hand if the woman just stood and talked or even yelled at her she is not guilty of assault! It all comes down to witnesses.

    • I am sorry I have to tell you John but you are incorrect. There is a difference between Assault and Assault & Battery. Battery identifies the personal contact but assault is a very simple crime to commit. If you so much as stand in a persons path to block them with out touching or verbal attack, you have committed Assault.
      It is high time someone grew a pair and stood up to these aggressive communist perpetrators of assault. Thank you Kellyanne.
      Their actions will not diminish until we meet them head on and with the law behind us. Thus far very few and most unreported by the MSM , have had the intestinal fortitude to fight but it is coming to the point and rapidly, that we must fight fire with fire. America is known for it’s determination to stand for what is right, so let’s do it and live up to our reputation.


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