Democrat policies have absolutely destroyed families and economic outcomes of many African-Americans in the United States. Sure, the left will say that it’s systemic racism that is the problem, but what they refuse to acknowledge is that, if systemic racism is to blame at all, it is the systemic racism of Democrat policies that is that problem.

Democrats like to forget that it was Democrats who didn’t want slaves freed in the U.S. It was Democrats who opposed desegregation and treating African-Americans as equals in society. And it’s the Democratic policies of Lyndon Johnson which have systematically taken fathers out of African-American homes and, consequently, lowered the economic standing of African-Americans, on average, in America.

It’s the absolute truth if you look at the statistics before LBJ’s Great Society movement.

Fortunately, there are a few people who aren’t afraid to call out Democrats about their racism, and one of those people is columnist John Zmirak. Zmirak writes,

This is how the left will rule in America, too, given half a chance [like Stalin did the Soviet Union: he living like a king while the people starved]. What am I saying? They’re already doing it. Look at how blue state governors and mayors shrug at the death toll among non-whites caused by violent crime. If they cared about real-world people, they’d be fighting for more police, not fewer.

They’d be seeking out ways to make the black family stronger, not backing Black Lives Matter’s demand to dissolve it. They’d be restoring Second Amendment rights to store-owners and citizens of crime-afflicted neighborhoods. Instead, they’ve disarming black citizens more effectively than the Klan ever did.

Whites who embrace “Anti-Racism” don’t care about blacks any more than Communist Party members cared about Ukrainians, who’d just have to starve in their millions, for their own good. Read Owen Strachan and John McCarthur  to become fittingly cynical about the motives of whites who seek power, prestige, and street cred, while claiming to aid “the vulnerable.” Spend time with the Victims of Communism foundation, to read the stories those who died in the Red genocides.

Whites promoting “Critical Race Theory” (Marxism in blackface) are lining their pockets, lining up votes, virtue-signaling to potential hook-ups on Tindr, and jockeying for position in the new ruling class. For them, real black people in faraway neighborhoods with icky blue-collar problems are as distant as the blue-collar white Deplorables these elitists grant themselves permission to openly hate.

Blacks are useful, for the moment, as cannon fodder in street riots, captive votes in elections, and faces for cringe-worthy murals in parts of town the Woke never visit. What they aren’t is full human beings with rights, and hopes and souls.

If that weren’t true, the left wouldn’t shrug when Planned Parenthood butchered them and cannibalized them for parts.

[To paraphrase Stalin,] George Floyd’s death was a tragedy. Nineteen million black babies aborted is a statistic.

Zmirak couldn’t be more right. Leftists see African-Americans as tools to use for their personal benefit and for their delusional Utopian ideas that aren’t even remotely based in reality.

It’s disgusting to see in politicians, and it’s even more disgusting to see in their media lapdogs.

Do you want to know who the real racists in America are? They’re leftists and their media cronies, and don’t let anyone try to fool you into thinking otherwise.



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