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Faculty at California Polytechnic State University is trying to get Chick-fil-A banned from the campus. However their reasoning has others scratching their heads.

The vice chair of the college’s academic senate, Thomas Gutierrez attempted to make the improbable connection between the chicken chain and sexually explicit entertainment. 

“We don’t sell pornography in the bookstore, and we don’t have a Hooters on campus — we already pre-select those kind of things based on our existing values,” Gutierrez told student publication Mustang News. “This is a similar thing. The difference is we’re actually profiting from this. So our money, every dollar a student is spending at Chick-fil-A, is going to these causes that are in violation of our values.”

“Chick-fil-A Foundation donated more than $1.8 million to groups with a history of anti-LGBTQ discrimination in 2017,” Mustang News shared citing the far left source Think Progress.

Despite this bizarre and laughable objection, it doesn’t look like their demands will be met.

“While university administration passionately disagrees with the values of some of the organizations the president of Chick-fil-A has chosen to make personal donations to, we do not believe in responding to intolerance with intolerance,” university spokesman Matt Lazier shared with KSBY-TV. “Rather, we must model our values of inclusion — that means upholding the rights of others to have different perspectives and ensuring there is space in our community for differing viewpoints and ideologies, even those that may be in direct conflict with our own.”



  1. I wonder if it is the water,sunshine,spray off the ocean or mud slides that is making so many of these cali-gay-fornians to self-induce such stupidity. Insanity seems to run rampant in many many people who think their opinion is the only opinion. Sounds to me like gutierrez needs to take a sane pill and get over his lunacy.

  2. WOW! I am impressed with university spokesman, Matt Lazier. His declaration of tolerence/intolerance is the absolute best I have heard from either side. Too bad America will not open their collective hearts to accept and practice that philosophy.

  3. I am a pastcpost Commander of Jewish War Vets976 .I represented the sister of the founder of the restaurant chain. They are the best of people ! Anyone that thinks they shouldn’t be in business can go to hell!

  4. He wants some money dropped in his account. He will be a big time supporter for the right donation. He shouldn’t have the right to make himself the person to determines what others can choose to eat. One day he may have a daughter or granddaughter work in a Hooters.

  5. Is Faculty at California Polytechnic State University all queer? That would explain their motivation. This institution of higher learning now wants to Discriminate against select businesses. They need to read the Constitution of these United States before they move any further as they could be opening a can of worms in the manor the elimination of any FEDERAL FUNDING.

  6. What is funny is the college spokesman said “we do not believe in responding to intolerance with intolerance” well that sounds like an intolerant statement to me by calling it intolerance,and I’m curious as who determines what is intolerant,i can tell you who, God that’s who and he says in his word ,the Bible that he will not tolerate any Sin but he especially detests the LGBT lifestyle as he calls it an abomination to him,and I doubt Chick-fil-A really cares about your opinion as they like all Christians are just following Gods standards ,so if someone has a problem with Christianity’s anti LGBT lifestyle take it up with God he set the standard not us we just comply as best we can to follow and live according his standards.

  7. And the fact that intolerant liberals like Gutierrez ALWAYS leave out is that Chick-Fil-A is a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity employer that has many LGBQ employees. So he is reducing the opportunities for Gays to get jobs in the process! The irony is that this story will increase C-f-A sales by 20-25% nationwide…🐥🐥🐥


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