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This is crossing the line…

CNN’s Jake Tapper said on “The Lead” Friday that President Donald Trump has “an army of trolls” who will defend anything he does.

Tapper said, “It’s been pointed out that Nixon had a better legal apparatus to defend him and Bill Clinton as well during their impeachments than President Trump has.”

He added, “But President Trump has something that Nixon didn’t have. He has Fox News. He has an army of trolls. He has sites, websites that will defend anything he says or does, and that could very well come into play. They are already coming to his defense.”



  1. We are coming to President Trumps defense because the Dems are Making up new rules as they go !!!!! We Can Not allow this type of Action.Changing the rules of impeachment a few months before they decide to go ahead with impeachment proceedings !!!!!Adam Sniff Schiff going to the Ukraine just before Proceedings.Too much deception !!!!!!The Dems are out of control and all I can sat is Every Voter should vote the Dems out of every office possible !!!!! The House,The Presidency, The Senate every position in Our Government !!!that way they won’t be able to pass secret Bills or change the way we do business !!!!!


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