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Recently on CNN, host Fareed Zakaria spoke about what Joe Biden’s administration look like on world stage especially with China on a steady and aggressive rise.

According to Breitbart, Zakaria stated, “Just think about where we are now with China. China is now clearly the second-most important country in the world. The United States and China are in a league of their own. China has come out of this pandemic in many ways stronger. Yes, its reputation got battered a bit because of its early handling — but it has essentially vanquished the virus without a vaccine. It also has vaccines onboard. It is moving forward with much greater confidence in the world. And a lot of countries, allies in Europe and in Asia are wondering what is the Biden administration going to do about this? How can it find a way to both cooperate and compete with China? That’s really the big question.”

You can watch a clip of Zakaria’s comments here.

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