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This is downright shameful.

Recently on CNN, senior White House correspondent John Harwood stooped to a new low and accused Trump supporters of being able to slap their own mothers if President Trump said so.

According to Brietbart, during his speech Harwood stated, “These people know what Donald Trump is. As Ted Cruz said in 2016, he’s a pathological liar. Marco Rubio called him a con artist. But because they’re afraid of him and afraid of the supporters that he holds the loyalty of and because the only principle that matters to them is holding onto power, they’ve agreed to sign on to this lawsuit aimed at the throwing out the votes in other states, in four battleground states.”

He then said, “These are people who if Donald Trump said, ‘I’m going to trash you on Twitter unless you go smack your mom in the face,’ they would go smack their moms in the face and try to explain it to them afterward. In reality, what they’re doing is smacking American democracy in the face.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. Sadly, Mr. Harwood is accusing those he despises of doing what he and many fellow Democrats are doing, being Pavlovian followers. It is the socialist Democrats who demand their followers toe the progressive line, that standing up for rule of Constitutional law is retrogressive, even seditious and traitorous.


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