If you’re a left wing nutcase who happens to run a major children’s television network, what do you do? Why, you try to indoctrinate little children with your particular brand of insanity.

Sadly, this question isn’t a hypothetical question. It’s about an all-too-real situation in which one of the biggest and longest running children’s television networks decided to spout a type of thinking that many in America don’t want their kids buying into (hat tip to here for the lead). Megan Basham writes,

There’s growing evidence that Nickelodeon’s hard push to promote the LGBTQ agenda to children is having a negative impact on the network’s ratings.

In the last two weeks, both Nickelodeon and its preschool-targeted network, Nick Jr., have released videos championing “trans,” “queer,” and “pansexual” inclusion. One video that sparked mass outrage depicted a cartoon version of drag queen Nina West singing about various LGBTQIA groups “[loving] each other so proudly” on “Blues Clues and You,” a show for two- to five-year olds. That same video showed a female-to-male transgender beaver who appeared to have post-operative surgical scars on its chest. 

So, how bad have things gotten since Nickelodeon has decided to try to indoctrinate children as young as preschool? A piece written by someone (or someone’s) going by WDW Pro says:

Since July of 2017, Nickelodeon’s viewership has dropped from 1.3 million average viewers per week to a June of 2021 average of only 372,000. In only four years, Nickelodeon has dropped more than two thirds of its audience. That is catastrophically bad for the cable channel, but with cable on the way out, maybe it’s not so bad? The catch here is that it is, in fact, that bad and perhaps worse, simply because Nickelodeon seems to be the primary driving force behind new subscribers to Paramount+.

It’s thus easy to see why Viacom is leaning so heavily into older Nickelodeon content. Perhaps hoping to capitalize on what once worked versus what is rapidly losing audience, the company has resurrected Rugrats and iCarly (among other shows) to try to drive nostalgic fans to the service. But there are signs that Viacom has not learned any lessons and is retrofitting these old shows with the same principles that have resulted in Nickelodeon’s huge loss in ratings. Even with a show about infants, much of the headlines have been about a retconned, now-lesbian character; whatever your thoughts on that issue, it’s hard to see how a children’s show about infants is best served in advertising when the news is all about sexuality.

Nickelodeon’s latest fiasco was a Pride Month video that you can see above. Featuring a drag queen singing to prepubescents, the YouTube version was downvoted to such a degree that they’ve now hidden the ratio. It’s one thing to take a position on issues of sexuality, it’s another entirely to propagandize those issues for young children. Switch that song to any topic for which you disagree and see if would approve your children watching it.

And WDW Pro is right: parents don’t want this stuff shoved down the throats of their children. Even for parents open to their kids being involved in alternative lifestyles, those parents generally want kids to grow up to figure out who they are without a TV network evangelizing sexuality to the kids.

Apparently, for networks like Nickelodeon, they’d rather lose their financial shirts than actually give parents something that they’re willing to pay for.

I say that we keep putting economic pressure on these networks until they give us shows that are worthy of allowing our kids to watch because our children are more precious than any leftist’s pet ideology.



  1. Let’s see: There is a great story in the Bible that many on the left side have decided to never speak of!
    It is called :”the story of Lot!”.
    I guess the homosexuals want to turn the WHOLE WORLD of the USA into Sodom and Gomorrah!
    Too bad we know the ending!
    Deviants like to force themselves on us the REAL people. Particularly the most idiotic of them. I have homosexuals acquaintances who are just as regular as I am. Helping, forgiving, loving, all in GOD’s name.
    But those worthless stupid imbeciles do not realize the trouble they put everybody around them in!


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