Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t strike anyone as a guy who plays from a position of weakness. Maybe it’s posturing on his part, but it’s hard to argue that he comes across from a position of strength and definiteness of purpose.

The exact opposite of how Joe Biden comes across in any situation that isn’t perfectly scripted to prevent people from seeing what is really going on with him.

So, Biden and Putin are meeting, and you don’t have to guess who is going to come out on top of that meeting. In fact, it’s so clear that even Putin has no problem expressing his opinion of Biden which doesn’t come across in a very positive light. Can you blame him? Biden makes America leak bad and makes America look weak, and everybody knows it. Mike Huckabee writes,

You know the President is projecting more weakness than a solar-powered flashlight at midnight when it’s hardly even worth mentioning his comments about not being allowed to take questions from non-pre-approved reporters because he’s already made that excuse so many times in the past.

These foreign trips that put American leaders on a world stage can either enhance their standing or signal to our enemies that we have weak and ineffective leadership, so it’s safe to get aggressive. God help us because if Kamala Harris’ trips south of the border (but never actually TO the border) have shown her to be painfully Not Ready for Prime Time, Biden’s trip to Europe is flashing the message “Long Past His Shelf Date” like a neon sign.

Meanwhile, whenever Russian President Vladimir Putin gives an interview, you can’t take what he says at face value. But it can be interesting to hear what he says and the way he says it, to try to figure out the angle he’s playing. For instance, going into a meeting with President Biden, Putin praised his hated predecessor Trump as an “extraordinary, talented individual” and said that Biden is “radically different,” and belittled him as “a career man, he has spent virtually his entire adulthood in politics.”

That’s a great example of playing head games to throw off your opponent. It’s also interesting to see how long Putin can string along a reporter who’s bluntly asking him if he’s a killer, dismissing it as nonsense and fake news but somehow never specifically denying it.

So, Biden calls Putin a “worthy opponent,” and Putin’s response is that Biden is a “company man.” Too funny! And too accurate.

It’s true. Biden is a career politician, and he’s working hard to sell out America for personal profit. How utterly disgusting.



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