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Hollywood can dish it out but they sure can’t take it. Celebrity Alec Baldwin is apparently afraid for the safety of himself and his family, because Trump made a tweet about Saturday Night Live.

Things started after the actor made another tasteless appearance, posing as President Trump on the program. After Trump found out about the skit, he took to twitter to express his distaste.

Following with this shorter tweet.

Apparently this sent Baldwin running to take cover under his favorite blanket. The actor then made this tweet in an attempt to turn Trump’s criticism into some larger issue.

Given his constant media antics it should be clear that the only threat to Baldwin and his family, is the hotheaded actor himself. 



    • Alex Baldwin has been mentally crazy for years. He called his daughter all sorts of names and his 1st wife hated him for his immature actions. I just hope this wife and 3 or 4 kids are safe around him. HE IS A VERY< VERY Loose cannon. He not only uses his mouth but his fists. Someday he’ll hit the wrong person and AB will be in prison.

  1. Sad that a has- been actor has to get publicity by attacking the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Grow up. Do something with all your down time….Volunteer at a food center, or an animal rescue center, the society for the blind DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!

  2. Alec Baldwin is a crybaby and the was no threat made to him or his family. The POTUS ONLY COMMENTED THAT THE S. N. L. SkitS were total hit peice against the G. O. P. ! He also tweeted that the true enemy of the American People is the phony Media. But nowhere did he threaten this second rate actor.

    • It’s not TRUMP’S WALL, it’s is THE PEOPLE’S WALL. We want to stop DRUGS, GANGS, Human Trafficking, and Children being used by criminals, sometimes sold to them by their parents, from being victimized.
      Politicians have been promising this Wall to the People for over 100 years. Finally, we have a leader who puts $$$ where his mouth is, instead of making promises he doesn’t fulfil. While sending Billions to Foreign Countries to build their Walls.
      Stop your lies.


      • Alec Baldwin is not a crybaby, he is less than that; how in hell a guy who is supposed to be an example of a clean and respectful human being, has became a total bag of crap. He embraced the stinky group of Trump-haters infecting Hollywood this days, A real tragedy for our society. But he deserves to be in panic; being a fool when you have all the tools to be a big guy, deserves that.

    • Goddamned trump is the real enemy of the people. those of you who swallow this garbage everyday will still be supporting the would be dictator even after he is removed in disgrace, or handcuffs.

      • You are an absolute IDIOT Doug – Trump is doing everything for the benefit of the USA. Returning the country to greatness where people from all over the world want to come. Speak to any immigrants who came LEGALLY and they were upset that Obummer was trying to turn the USA into a 3rd world country (the kind they left to come here). And President Trump isn’t pocketing any of his salary – WAKE UP and see the greatness the President is doing! I flew F18’s wanting the country to be the way the Founders intended, and even allow absolute MORONS like you to voice your opinion. If you get your way, the USA will fall into utter chaos like ALL the socialist programs that have been tried. WTFU!!!

  3. Since Trump wants a wall so bad, tell him to buy it. He got enough pocket change to pay for it. Remember all walls that have fallen down from the time of Joshua and the wall Jericho and also Berlin wall. A wall will stop nothing, just cost taxpayers more money.
    The shows on tv are for entertainment and the funny side of life. You have to laugh sometimes, you must have a sense of humor.

  4. Dear Mr. Pesident,
    You have my deepest support against the mockery of SNL. Weuse to watch this show, but after you became president, it has become very tasteless, demeaning and even sick to our stomach what actors/actresses have done to ruin comedy. It’s no longer funny to this family. We know good shows when we see them. I’m totally disgusted by it. You, Melania, and Barry are always in our prayers. We pray for your protection of his angels around you
    God bless and be with you

  5. totally agree with John the fact the late night shows all attack our President and his followers is a pathetic and lame act on their part not to forget the media and all the bashing they do . never reporting the issues at hand that are really important just what sounds good to the democrats and liberal media .

  6. Trump get over yourself. Stop being such an idiot. You gave daily material to the entertainment industry. SNL has decome so much funnier since youve been in office. #impeachment.

  7. President Trump doesn’t make threats, that is for you and the SNL bozo’s. FYI. I gave up watching that silly show before, but since you entered the political arena with your nastiness, I wouldn’t watch it on a bet. Sorrowful, sorrowful people and not really funny at all.

  8. He’s nothing but a has been who really never ever was. He’s nothing but a hot headed punk that sucks BIG time. He’s nothing and so is SNL. OMG remember how FABULOUS that show used to be!!! Definitely one of “the” funniest shows that used to be on. Now it is pathetic what a worthless POS it is. It is now a has been that unlike him at least used to be.

  9. All of these Hollywood People think it’s alright for them to Bash the President and his Followers without any Repercussions, Yet when someone Responds to them they get so Upset and claim that they’ve been Attacked and Demand someone do something to Make them feel better. Grow Up Alec You Constantly Use President Trump to Further your Failing Career. Without President Trump You would NOT have Any Work and Saturday Night Live would have No Skits to maintain their Show, It’s Obvious President Trump has Giving Alec Baldwin and SNL The Ratings they Need to Stay Alive, The Show is No Longer Funny and Really Should just Wrap it Up and Play Rerun from the 80’s and 90”s when the Show was ACTUALLY FUNNY!

  10. Our president is a threat to our country!

    Nothing at all wrong with Alec Baldwin. All comedians have historically made fun of presidents and the like

  11. Alec Baldwin is not a crybaby, he is less than that; how in hell a guy who is supposed to be an example of a clean and respectful human being, has became a total bag of crap. He embraced the stinky group of Trump-haters infecting Hollywood this days, A real tragedy for our society. But he deserves to be in panic; being a fool when you have all the tools to be a big guy, deserves that.

  12. Alec Baldwin is a bully and always has been. He can’t control his temper in any situation as proven by arrests and lawsuits. I hope he’s not as hateful and belligerent to Hillary and their children as he was to Kim and hers. Living with him must be EXHAUSTING! His temper and vengeful nature far outweigh any talent he ever had. He makes his total living from of bashing and demonizing a sitting president. That is disgusting and absolutely NOTHING to be proud of and is the same fact of SNL anymore. Any public figure has to take some ribbing from comedians, but this has gone WAY past fun. It is targeted and hateful bullying of a president that has done more for our country economically, militarily and patriotically than any other president in the last century, maybe ever.. The real problem and reason that all Democratic politicians hate President Trump is that he is showing them up so greatly for what they are, power hungry do nothings that keep in power by keeping poor minorities under their thumbs with no jobs and welfare payments. President Trump is helping all American citizens by offering a hand up instead of a hand out. He is helping America by making it greatly advantageous that manufacturers return their business to America, thus providing millions of GOOD paying jobs, not just low paying jobs. He is cutting the red tape that make it possible for small businesses to succeed and hire more people. He is rebuilding our military so that we can better defend ourselves and he is a very strong leader that other countries must respect or pay the price. He puts America and American citizens first in every decision he makes! He is fighting to put our safety and well-being where it belongs- FIRST-by building a secure border, keeping illegal immigrants and criminals out of our country. He has nothing against immigration but demands people come in legally following the laws of our country, made by the Senate and House of Representatives. He is called many names for wanting to stop drugs and illegal immigrants from coming into our country. Democratic politicians actually want any and all people to come in undocumented and want to give them free housing, education, food and healthcare. These are things that our poorest American citizens do not get! Variety begins at home and we cannot put millions of illegal immigrants before our own homeless veterans and poorest citizens!Democratic politicians are actually calling for the destruction of what our country was founded upon, freedom, and campaigning for socialism. That is crazy!! Thank our Great God that Donald J. Trump is our president! He will fight for America and her citizens until his last breath!

  13. Alec Baldwin????? Who the hell is he???? What has he ever achieved that could be construed as worthwhile??? A nobody, a hasbeen, except that he never was in the first place.
    How dare he have the arrogance to insult the President of the United States of America!!
    He is a treasonous little toad!!

  14. I’m sorry, Baldwin? Are you On Saturday Night Live? I thought you were dead already?
    NO, well maybe I got you mixed up with someone who did not scream at his 9-year-old daughter on the phone and call her an unlawful little pig in such an evil tone…Yep must have been another guy.

    Just to answer your question dear, No it doesn’t but in your Narcissistic self-important mind, it might lol.
    You do know they make Meds for that know- but you do need to go to a doctor for them, not the guy on the sidewalk in Hollywood Blvd. That guy is the one you get the recreational stuff from you have been using all these years.


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