This Reset Could Mean Total Lawlessness

One state is flirting dangerously close with absolute anarchy. The Idaho state legislature has failed to renew its regulatory code...

Ocasio-Cortez ‘Hard Pressed’ Over This

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just admitted she may have a problem if her favorite socialist candidate doesn’t make it to the 2020 primary elections. 

New 2020 Candidate DOA

The internet and President Trump are taking turns picking apart the latest Democrat to join the 2020 race.  New York...

You Won’t Believe What Graham Told Trump Jr.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is making headlines after offering advice to Donald Trump Jr. regarding the Senate Judiciary Committee.  While appearing...

What Huma Abedin Said After Hillary Emails Hacked

The FBI has released files that shed light on the disaster that was the management in charge of Hillary Clinton’s personal email-server. The new details include the...

Democrat Argument Marks Sad Day For America

Alabama’s Democratic state Rep. John Rogers just made an argument that is quite telling about his parties views on life.

Biden CHOKES Supporting His Own Claim

2020 Democratic favorite Joe Biden is making claims that even he can’t explain. While on “Good Morning America,” Biden was...

Trumps Declares US Will Back Out Of This Treaty

President Donald Trump is shaking things up by signing a document that requests the Senate not ratify a treaty put in place by former President Obama. 

Will McCain Family BETRAY Republicans For This?

The rift between the McCain family and the Trump administration is reaching its breaking point and just one thing could send the family over the edge. 

Democrat Goes On Air To Challenge Trump

And the Democratic list of candidates continues to grow. This particular contender made his announcement while on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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Ocasio-Cortez Shows World Just How Stupid She Is

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Trump Belittles Rival, ‘Only a Threat To Himself’

President Donald Trump has regularly shared that he would be quite happy to face off in the 2020 presidential election against former...