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One presidential candidate for the 2020 elections announced their intentions to end the wage gap. They should probably start in their own office first. 

Sen. Kamala Harris declared war on the wage gap with a plan that would require any business to submit their payroll to the federal government for review. That review would demand that employees in the same position get paid the same unless there was significant evidence indicating a difference in merit. 

Harris claimed that if a company does not fairly pay its employees, the company could face financial penalties. 

“I am going to announce the first-ever national priority on closing that pay gap and holding corporations accountable for transparency and closing that gap,” Harris announced. “You will see the announcement tomorrow and there will be penalties if they don’t.”

She went on to back the claim both on the air and on her Twitter account. 

Harris proposed penalties of 1% of the company’s profits for every 1% of pay inequality. 

Hilariously though it seems like Harris herself would be penalized under her own plan. 

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the median male salary for those working in the Harris Senate office was $34,999, while the female median hovered around $32,999.

That gap actually widens when you look at employees involved in Harris’ election campaign.



  1. The government cannot even run itself in an efficient manner but they are going to encroach on a business’s right to run itself???? Most businesses run much more efficiently than the out-of-control government. God, people…wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is communism at its heart. The government has no right to tell companies what they should pay employees. Harris truly has shit for brains. This bitch needs to just shut up. People hate her.


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