Leftists these days have gone way beyond advocating for failed communist ideals (though, they do still push for those, too). Now, they say that all kinds of things which have nothing to do with race are racist.

For example, believing in promoting people in the workplace based on merit is now racist. And believing that basic math principles such as two plus two equals four is now racist.

And the latest one that I’ve come across? Oh, it’s just that using correct grammar is racist. No, I’m not kidding (hat tip to here for the lead). Ethan Khaldarov writes,

Speakers at Towson University’s virtual “Antiracist Pedagogy Symposium” criticized university writing curriculum and programs for being racist and perpetuating Whiteness. 

The event occurred on June 17.

April Baker-Bell, associate Professor of Language, Literacy, and English Education at Michigan State University, argued that idea of Standard English among teachers is used to maintain racist assumptions about “Black language.”

Bell stated it is evident that “anti-Blackness that is used to diminish black language of Black students in classrooms is not separate from the rampant and deliberate anti-black racism and violence inflicted upon black people in society.”

So, let’s see, based on this logic, the headline above is racist because it uses correct grammar.

But you have to wonder if that means that the millions of African-Americans in America who speak with perfect grammar have internalized white supremacy and are closet racists because they speak with correct grammar. How does that work exactly?

What about the numerous ethnic minorities in other countries, too, that speak with correct grammar, even the Queen’s English? Are they racist?

Oh, and someone please explain to me exactly how does teaching people of all ethnic groups to speak with proper English grammar is the same as “violence inflicted upon black people in society.” I have trouble believing that teaching someone to speak with perfect grammar is anywhere in the same ballpark of severity as a lynching. Making that comparison just makes lynchings sound less horrific than they are and were. I would say that comparison, for this exact reason, is more racist than insisting on correct grammar.

And, so, we have another leftist spouting nonsensical statements that actually make the experience that millions of African-Americans actually had in our history less horrible because of a cheap comparison. This passes as academic rigor in our universities today?



  1. The only RACIST in all the things being called RACIST are those doing the Accusing. They all are WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS and are trying to make America IGNORANT like them.


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