Can You BELIEVE There’s A New Player In The Hunter Biden Saga

The inquiry into Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities took an unexpected turn as James Comer, House Oversight Committee Chairman and Republican from Kentucky, disclosed the involvement of another Biden family member.

This new information adds complexity to the case and increases national security concerns regarding potential foreign influence.

Comer stated that financial records from the Treasury Department, recently made accessible, reveal a $3 million payment from individuals connected to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the Biden family shortly after Joe Biden’s vice presidency ended.

The payment was divided among three Biden family members, including one previously unmentioned. During an appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” Comer questioned the purpose behind the $3 million transfer and the business activities that led to it.

The Treasury Department’s release of suspicious activity reports (SARs) has enabled the Republican-led investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign transactions, involving funding from China and other nations.

Although Comer did not reveal the name of the new family member, he stressed the need to determine the family’s actions related to the transactions from China.

Co-host Bill Hemmer mentioned that the records span 14 years, but the question of what the CCP-linked individuals gained from the substantial payment remains unanswered.

Comer has long suspected influence peddling in the case, implying that Hunter Biden may have capitalized on his father’s political influence for financial gain.

Comer also refuted claims by Ranking Member Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, that the investigation is politically motivated on behalf of former President Trump.

Comer demanded an apology from Raskin for these allegations. The ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings began in 2018.

Concurrently, President Biden is under investigation for alleged mishandling of classified material, marking them as the first father and son to be under separate federal investigations simultaneously.