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But they wont give this kind of benefit to American citizens…

Democrat state lawmakers in California have agreed to a plan that would extend health benefits to illegal immigrants in the state.

The legislature has a June 15 deadline and is expected to approve the deal. It extends eligibility to California’s Medicaid program to illegal immigrants. The move is part of a broader budget plan, which is about $213 billion.

Expanding the Medicaid program to low-income illegals would cost the state about $98 million per year.

“California believes that health is a fundamental right,” State Sen. Holly Mitchell (D) said.

A number of Democrat state lawmakers wanted to take it a step further, offering coverage for all illegals in the state.

This also includes assistance for middle-income families. A family of four making $150,000 could qualify for a $100 a month subsidy from the government.

California lawmakers say these moves are all part of the state’s wide-ranging effort to get everyone in the state covered. This comes at the time of a homelessness crisis in the state.

The number of homeless on the streets has skyrocketed during the last year.



  1. Take care of our own first. Cal has a homeless problem, solve that first. The democrats have the right mascot: a jackass enough said

    THey GET Everything FREE!!! Health, child support @ $450/!o $00 times 3 – 4, 5 kids….never WEAR Same comes more than 3 x..!


  3. Calif. Ex-Gov. Jerry Brown(D): 2015: “We WELCOME undocumented immgrants.” OK, that’s fine for Calif., but then CALIF. should pay for it. They should NOT be allowed to use ANY federal funds for this or divert federal funds from elsewhere. If they did, that would not be fair to the other states that are NOT betraying the country. The Calif. voters are the ones who must be held accountable and made to pay for this because they are the ones responsible for putting these open-borders, monster leftist Democrats in political office. Notice how they scream and call you names if you try to transport any of the illegals into their sanctuary cities.

  4. The American people in California need to start an uprising protests in the streets just like the illegal aliens do when they want to move you out of your country so that they can take over screw them no sympathy for any of them they’re nothing but dirty cockroaches looking to live off the taxpayers and just have us support their anchor babies they have every year get tough California take over in the street protests you can do it you can get rid of all the corrupt Democrats and take your state back you can also get rid of every damn illegal in your state if you toughen up and take back what is yours as Americans

  5. If California has the better idea, let them pay for it themselves and don’t let them transfer funding from their federal funded money intended for their budget or they will lose it. The citizens should be able to govern the waste of funding their leaders squander or they will have to surrender all monies back to the people. Also, fire anybody connected to the infractions and be terminated on the spot!


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