Cable News Showdown, You’ll Never GUESS Which Host is Leading the Charge

Fox News continues to reign supreme in the world of cable news, outpacing MSNBC and CNN in total viewership. On Thursday, Fox News garnered 1.54 million total day viewers and 178,000 demo viewers, capturing the top spot.

Meanwhile, MSNBC came in second place with 852,000 total day viewers and 90,000 demo viewers, and CNN trailed in third with just 403,000 total day viewers and 78,000 demo viewers.

This achievement underscores the loyalty of the conservative audience and deals a blow to the liberal media and their champion, President Joe Biden.

Right-leaning Newsmax claimed the fourth spot, while NewsNation, home to former CNN primetime host Chris Cuomo’s show, languished in fifth place.

All of Fox’s prime-time shows, starting with “The Five,” left competitors in the dust. In fact, last week, Tucker Carlson’s show became the highest-rated program across all cable news networks, amassing 3.09 million total viewers and 365,000 in the 25-54 demo.

With these impressive numbers, Carlson bested “The Five” and outpaced MSNBC and CNN by a wide margin. On another evening last week, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” drew a remarkable 4.1 million total viewers.

Fox News prime time’s popularity soared, averaging over 3 million viewers throughout the day and crushing the competition.

However, not everyone was pleased with Carlson’s airing of previously unseen security footage from the Jan. 6 riot.

U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger criticized the “offensive and misleading conclusions” drawn during the segment.

Manger claimed the program cherry-picked calmer moments from the footage and did not provide adequate context for the violence and chaos that took place during the riot.

Despite disapproval from some Democrats and Republicans, the undeniable success of Fox News and its prime-time lineup showcases the unyielding support of Republican voters.

This accomplishment serves as a reminder to Joe Biden and his liberal base that the conservative voice is strong and steadfast.