Anybody with any sense who has been paying attention to the situation in California knows that Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration has been a total disaster. From extended lockdowns, to hypocritical favoritism and backroom dealings, to causing a huge number of people to flee the state: It hasn’t been good.

Now, one of the main bureaucrats working under Newsom has been busted for their reckless ways. Mark Tapscott writes,

As California State Controller, Betty Yee’s job includes being “responsible for accountability and disbursement of the state’s financial resources,” according to her office’s official website.

Yee’s office issued 49 million checks in payments worth $320 billion in 2018 in her capacity as “chief fiscal officer” for the state whose economy is the fifth-largest in the entire world. The state’s 2020 budget was $208.9 billion, but Yee’s office payments often cover multiple-year obligations.

Her job description also makes her “responsible for auditing all funds disbursed by the state and all claims presented for payment to [her office]. Performs independent audits of government agencies that spend state funds.”

Given Yee’s job duties and actions, Open the Books Chairman Adam Andrzejewski may be forgiven for being mystified by the California State Controller’s claim to be “unable to locate or otherwise provide” documentation of any of those payments.

Tapscott continues:

Open the Books’ requests sought documentation—a “line-by-line state checkbook”—of California’s massive state government spending. To date, California is the only one of the nation’s 50 states that hasn’t produced such documentation in response to the Burr Ridge, Illinois-based nonprofit’s efforts to make public “every dime online in real time” of spending by government at all levels in America.

Now, to be fair, Open the Books had to sue two other states to get the same information (Illinois and Wyoming) where the officials who weren’t initially compliant were Republicans, so we can’t necessarily blame this problem on Yee being a Democrat. What is clear, though, is that Yee’s unorganized office situation is symptomatic of Gavin Newsom’s wasteful and oppressive administration.

The people of California deserve both transparency and better representation in their capitol.



  1. Sounds like the same thing is going on in Pedo Hoe’s admin so it must be a Democrap thing because Obozo started and finished with a SCANDAL filled Admin. Pedo Joe is doing the same by hiring all the Obozo cast offs.

  2. First requirement for all elected officials should be, can they balance a check book and create a budget? If not, they don’t get the job. Now the other side of mismanagement of taxpayer funds could be they are just crooks; in which case they should be in jail.

  3. Corruption affects all parties equally!
    Some succumb, some resist. Most DEMONRATS cannot resist “l’appat du gain!”
    But some Conservatives, who have NOT made a success of themselves, like most DEMONRATS, in the civilian life, get ensnared in the money flowing from lobbyists.
    And writing checks to the Fiends of So and So is so easy. Tne taxpayer’s money is not their own, so why stop the flow of free money?


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