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Not only did they just betray their customers, they betrayed the constitution.

It’s official, Walmart has decided to get political.

Not only is Walmart banning a certain selection of guns and ammo from their stores, they are also requesting customers to not open carry in their stores as well.

How do you feel about these changes? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I will feel a lot less safe in Walmart and may not shop there as much. Just the opposite is the way to stop random shootings. Would be shooters love it when they see signs not allowing firearms. They then know they will be the only one with weapons and will be able to kill more people. They should put up signs saying all open carry firearms welcome. No need to put ‘legal’ because crooks will ignore that part anyway.

  2. I guess Walmart needs to relearn the lesson that leftist and liberal collusion is bad for their bottomline with the majority that is Constitutional America.

    Good Riddance Walmart!!!

  3. Was bad enough when my local Walmart went to self serve checkout, with maybe one, or if lucky 2 employee run checkouts. Now they are punishing responsible gun owners for what some nut case does.
    Nothing like advertising open season on shoppers. Guess my days shopping in Walmart are about over. Being in NY doesn’t help either, with the restrictions Fredo’s brother put on law abiding gun owners.

  4. I sometimes shop on the way back from my Honor Guard duties at veteran funerals and my duty belt is open carry, otherwise I’m always concealed. I’m not disarming because some snowflake is nervous, so if Walmart asks me to disarm or leave…I’ll leave…and I won’t be back, it’s that simple. Us ‘sheepdogs’ won’t be there if some nut-job decides to unravel.


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