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This is BIG!

Project Veritas has done it again! This time they have video of reporter David Wright admitting that his company, ABC, purposely kills stories about President Trump and others that voters would find important.

Additionally, Wright admits to being a blatant Socialist.

According to Project Veritas, Wright candidly admitted on camera that ABC Doesn’t “Give Trump Credit for What Things He Does Do” along with several other damning confessions.


You can read more details of this story here.



  1. How stupid must this reporter and ABC be. Half of America will benefit if we go socialist and that would be the toothless no insurance trailer trash of middle America. The reporter and eceutoces st ABC will lose. The will be taxed out of 80 or 90 percent of their income to add to the basic lifestyle of the toothless crowd.

    I guess if you are so stupid you don’t get it you deserve ed to get it the way the reporter and ABC executive will get it. They will be taxed until they can’t afford TV their expensive houses and cars

  2. This guy is already independently rich, why would he care if Socialism is a ruination to those that are not millionaires already??????


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