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You won’t believe what the left has cooked up.

In a recent press conference, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) shockingly stated that President Trump’s “COVID scandal makes what Nixon did at Watergate look innocent.”

According to Breitbart, Cuomo claimed the federal government has “been denying the reality of the situation from the beginning. It doesn’t exist. It’s going to go away, by Easter we’ll reopen, when it gets warm it will go away like it’s a miracle. It didn’t go away. There was no miracle. You denied reality. This is their political agenda over public health policy.  That’s what this is.”

Cuomo then blasted the federal government again claiming they “got offended when the states asked for any resources or help from the federal government. If they’re not going to step up and address a problem that helps every — that hurts every state in the United States. Then what is the point of the federal government?”

Adding, “And now the president is attacking science. What a surprise. No surprise. He’s been attacking science from day one.

Cuomo ended his attack by saying, “Trump’s COVID scandal makes what Nixon did at Watergate look innocent. Nobody died in the Watergate scandal. Thousands of people are going to die in this COVID scandal and that is all the difference in the world. You look at the facts, the facts clearly demonstrate Trump was wrong from day one and New Yorkers have been right from day one. There’s no argument. There’s nothing to tweet about. The facts are in. The numbers are in. Look at the number of bodies. Look at the infection rate. New York’s numbers have declined while the nation is going up.”

You can watch a clip of Cuomo’s comments here.

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  1. Coumo the joke of governors. A liar and a murderer. Never take the blame for what he does. That was the Democrat party telling everyone to party down when the president closed the borders. What a disgusting piece of trash Cuomo is. A one year old killed today. Who fault is that Cuomo? Your and your sick mayor of New York city.

  2. Cuomo, you’re full of shit! You’re a damned liar, too. You put those covid infected people in those nursing homes and look what happened…


  3. Cuomo wouldn’t know science if it jumped up his backside! He is just trying to cover up the blood he has on his hands for the bad decision he made infecting the nursing homes!

  4. It is just another desperate attempt by the Dems to make Trump look bad. Anyone who asked for help got it. He had states that the gov.didnt ask for help. And then NYState where the idiotic gov. did not do what was ask of him and killer DeBlasio didnt do. Obama sent a letter telling mayors and gov. to mnake sure their supplies for a andemic were full. THEY DIDNT DO IT! So where is the money given to get those supplies? Cuomo made the biggest mistake of his career by sending patients to Nursing homes with other elderly patients causing the deaths from the virus in Nursing homes to become 4,500. He and DeBlasio both have blood on their hands. Then Stoopid Cuomo presented some map that was a waste of money. He has made a great many mistakes during his yrs. as Governor.


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