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The world is now a safer place…

The son of terrorist and 9/11 attack mastermind Osama bin Laden, Hamza bin Laden, is dead.

The report said that the United States has not confirmed the death and has not said whether or not the US had a role.

Asked by reporters whether the U.S. had intelligence that Hamza is dead, President Donald Trump said, “I don’t want to comment on that.”

The FBI has had Hamza bin Laden on its Most Wanted page.

“The Rewards For Justice Program, United States Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to the whereabouts of Hamza bin Laden,” it said.

“Hamza bin Laden is known to speak Arabic.  He has ties to, and may be located in, the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, or Iran,” it said on its website.

“Investigators believe Hamza bin Laden is married to the daughter of Al Qaeda senior leader Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, aka Abu Muhammad al Masri, who has been indicted for his alleged involvement in the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya,” it said.

Hamza bin Laden is wanted for questioning in connection with his membership in the Al Qaeda organization and his public declarations threatening the security of the United States,” it said.



  1. The Democrats probably would have provided sanctuary for him if he had called? When I glanced at the headline I thought it said Barack Obama’s son was dead? There have been many rumors?

  2. “And in hell he kift up his eyes, being in torments,……Luke 16:23 KJV NOTICE the verse said “TORMENT(S)..that means there are more than one, probably many, many, many!!


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