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Things could get ugly.

In a surprising revelation, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) admitted on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show that he will strongly consider using his subpoena powers to investigate the NBA’s financial ties to China and more specifically NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

According to Breitbart, Hawley stated, “You know, I sent my letter on Friday that drew the rebuke from the ESPN reporter, was addressed to Adam Silver. And it asked for these answers. And it said listen, you know, again, if you’re going to put these social justice cause statements now on the back of their jerseys, and only a handful of them, Hugh, that NBA corporate has approved, it’s not like the players can put whatever they want on the back of the jersey. NBA corporate has approved a handful.”

“And predictably, they have nothing to say about anything related to China,” he added. “And for that, they don’t say things like ‘Support our troops’ or ‘God bless America.’ All of that stuff is verboten. You can’t say any of that. So I just asked why aren’t there other slogans on the jerseys, and why don’t you tell us about your relationship with China? So I think that getting these answers is absolutely crucial, and I’m open to just about any avenue to get them.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. The NBA should be under investigation, the professional Basketball organization is way too racist, and NOT DIVERSE ENOUGH. The entire team need to be reformed to match the population of the United States. This means,no more than the percentage of color in the populatIon to be in the Court and the organization.
    This must be the WAY to make America less racist.

  2. Most definitely time to pare the NBA down to 13% black guys (you know, the same demographic responsible for 65% of all violent crime in the USA). It’s only fair and completely totally racissssss if not done within 48 hours. Short old white guys deserve equality. We’re going to riot, loot and burn if it’s not done.


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