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The pressure of office may be getting to 71-year-old Democrat Jerry Nadler after he appeared to nearly faint during a press event.

While at an event in New York City to promote traffic safety measures, Nadler appeared sickly and pallid while seated next to NY Mayor Bill de Blasio.

New York’s mayor can be seen comforting Nadler and trying to get him to drink something saying he appeared to be dehydrated. 

Hours later Nadler made a tweet in a weak effort to convince the public that it was nothing to worry about. 

As Democrats are currently relying on Nadler to be the foil to President Trump, this reasonably gave them quite the scare. 

It seems the constant pressure of doing political battle with President Trump is taking quite the toll on the Democrat. 

Meanwhile 72-year-old Trump is blazing through the campaign trail without showing any signs of slowing down. 



  1. He really needs to worry about himself rather than come up with all of these conspiracies and providing fake news to the media hacks. It looks to me like Pelosi, Biden, Schiff and some of the other radicals should just retire and enjoy that big govt. pensions and benefits while they can! If they keep going down this road of creating chaos they will meet their maker sooner than expected.

    God bless real and patriotic Americans and President Trump. He really could do a lot of great things for our country and citizens if we did not have these swamp critters.

  2. The dwarf Grumpy had a ‘health scare’ trying to keep up with Trump. When you are on Congressional Welfare, no work with exorbitant pay, the body goes into a shock when it is required to work even when the work is constantly LYING to the public.

  3. Nader always has been a blowhard. He needs to step down. Lying all the time takes alot out of human body and soul. Fool.

  4. IMO, the illness of Rep Natler is only a symptom of pressures placed upon many Democrates, holding significant positions. Currently the Democrats are in a state of flux, looking for policies that will advance their party. At best, they have a distorted view of America; past and present. However, the radicals, with strong Communists/Socialist views are fighting hard to move the party further LEFT, away from traditional American values. The stress of this in fighting will soon take out a few of those too old or weak for the rigors of their power grab bickering. I also look for Speaker Pelosi to implode, as well. Just think how things will be in 2021, when a score (20) Democrat loosers will be making up allibies, like Hillery for thier failed presidential runs.

  5. Can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen!!!! But….. I hope he’s feeling better. I don’t wish bad for him.

  6. He is among the most partisan hacks we have ever seen in Congress. Their only purpose seems to be political gain, not what is good for the country. Why would anyone vote for people like this?

  7. The pressure of his blood moving about a body that has had several decades of being hugely fat is the problem… not the Go TO ‘he’s just dehydrated’. Just to say, a few swallows of water does not cure ‘Dehydration’ and ‘Dehydration doesn’t hit like a bag of bricks suddenly and Dehydration doesn’t suddenly leave a person incapable of speech, unaware of his location, not comprehending people talking to him.
    He had a stroke or medical event outside of being in a warm room, regardless of the Mayor making a medical evaluation of dehydration.

  8. Was sitting next to a REAL Commie too much for the crotchety old SCHMUCK or maybe he has a conscience that couyld be coming back to bite him on the butt. Almost one less needed to be drained from the ugly swamp.

  9. Gee,Nadler is having a taste of hell which is his next destination, I hope soon. God is really good to give you another chance to repent of your evil ways, Nadler, so REPENT AND CHANGE YOUR WAYS. Otherwise, do US a favor, just die…you, Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff.

  10. This happened to Nadler because he is so angry that the Democrats lost the election. Nadler is just a furious man too much of a coward to except loss.


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