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How much longer is the left going to ignore this man…

Recently on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was asked about the standard of justice as President Donald Trump was investigated during a two-year-long Department of Justice special counsel probe, but his 2016 presidential election opponent Hillary Clinton got no scrutiny.

Graham said those conducting the investigation, primarily the FBI, wanted Clinton to win the 2016 election as to why there was no prosecution.

“I think the decision not to prosecute her was probably most likely politically motivated, because obstruction of justice, taking a hammer to two phones being asked for as evidence, cleaning a server, bleaching it out so you can’t get the emails is classic obstruction of justice,” Graham said. “Compromising classified information and she clearly did that, the decision not to prosecute her was pretty simple, in my view. If you want her to win, you can’t prosecute her.”



  1. DNC tries to lie a lie and always comes back to bite them and their corrupt ungodly ways only helping themselves and destroying the good US Citizens loyal to America and our fight for freedom and them as much an enemy as N. Korea

  2. Hell=ERY had had the dream of being President since a young girl. And she used anything she could, to get to them ultimate goal. But she bought a ticket to HELL! She broke every law she could to reach that office. She lied, broke Federal charges, missing. murders and suicides(all pointing back at her and her “HANDLER”. She didnt care who got in her way, SHE would DESTROY them , How dare they ointrude on her vision for 1st woman president. And LUCKILY, it didnt happen. Along the way Hellery, committed every crime she could to reach the top. She needs to be prosecuted! Along with her is Obama working with her, and Comey changing rules and declaring her innocent of AN Y crimes.

  3. Those 2 bitchs are the biggest crOOks we in this country have ever seen and I didn’t vote for either one neither time and comey is crooked liar and why do noone trust the fin look what Mueller did to four men had them thrown in prison and the were innocent LOOSERS are what Clinton Obama comedy and Mueller are.

  4. HILLARY YOU ARE A SORRY UGLY PIECE OF SHIT . WHY DON/T YOU JUST JUMP OFF A CLIFF . YOU ARE A LIAR A THIEF YOU STEAL FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ALL YOU Democrats do nothing for America or the citizens you all only do what puts money in your pockets they need to do away with Democrats if any one has any sense they will not vote for any Democrats in 2020 because they will destroy America it will never be fit to live in if they take 2020 .it will be an all out war

  5. For the United States to continue as it has since our founding, the rule of law HAS to apply equally and fairly! The rules went out the window, as it applied to Hillary, during the 2016 Presidential Election. No matter what party affiliation, ALL AMERICANS should have the mindset that this can NEVER happen again! Neither party is without their faults. However, the Democrats did anything and everything they could, including breaking the law, with the hope of seeing Hillary win the presidency in 2016. They did it to themselves and can blame no one else. And now that they are being exposed for what they are, they are trying even harder to remove President Donald Trump from his presidency. I don’t know how he does it. If the Democrats had half a brain, they would realize all the successes of this President and all the good it has done on behalf of the American people. Keep up the good work, President Trump! My husband and I fully and completely support you and we keep you in our daily thoughts and prayers.

  6. Hillary and her group of blatant law offenders may never see prosecution . Especially if Trump is not victorious in 2020. Think about it, if he doesn’t win the socialist party does. Why do people keep trying socialism when records of past ventures show that it has never been successful. I know you have heard it before but look at Venezuela it is a current example of what we can become and frankly it is not what I want for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. You borderline Republicans and conservatives better straighten up and start listening to facts and not the lies and fairy tales of news shows that are part and parcel of the deception. It will not be a situation that will clear up in 4 years, it is the future of the United States of America.

  7. Hillary IS a KILLER And MURDERER!!!
    She IS responsible for over 80+ people’s
    Murder!!…is this the kind of Deranged psychopath WE the CITIZENS’ would want representing us & the COUNTRY…?!!!!


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