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Whoa! Who would have expected this?

According to Flag and Cross, the Democrats are so out of control that now, even far-left leaning media companies like CNN and MSNBC are calling them out for continuing to block a massive stimulus package that the American economy needs in order to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.


You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. DAMN YOU DEMS. TO HELL. What is you problem. How dare you try to cram crap in a bill that was meant to help the AMERICA PEOPLE during this crisis. We hate you for tearing this country apart. You are viscous and hateful and you truly do not care about the American people. You only want for the illegal. NO NO NO. STOP DEMS. WE CANNOT TAKE YOUR CRAP NO MORE. Just wait till you have the W.H. again after what you have done to OUR President. Sweet revenge. We will make your lives miserable. You just wait. Because of what you did to Our president you have awakened the monster in me. I hate you Democrats with a passion.

    • Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Party are holding the American people hostage at a time when we are completely vulnerable. Their blatant attempt at political posturing and abusive pork barrel interjection is base, immoral and obscene. The American people will not forget this disgraceful action by Pelosi and her minions.

  2. Was hoping someone would respond to the Democrat’s games they are playing with stimulus dollars to help those already out of work and many more soon to be out of work. Maybe someone can get your attention. Pelosi is a loser & Schumer needs to grow a pair and tell Nancy to take a hike.

  3. I would n’t be surprised if the communist operatives are dusting the halls of congress with this virus, something the Chinese have often done in the past!! .

  4. The left are all self-serving, arrogant morons….. ugly power hungry, hate America socialists, Commies!!!! They gotta gooooooooo👎🏼 Wake up people!! Get rid of them! Goooooo President Trump🇺🇸

  5. Finally someone agrees with me. We the people have had enough of your greedy shit do your jobs. You work for us Americans. If u won’t do your jobs give up your seats Give it to someone that will work for us.

  6. The Democrats have half the nation beliveing they are for them. The Democrats are for the Democrats. If it helps the Democrate but hurts the nation the Democrats are for it. Sad.

  7. There are still some more swamp creatures in hiding, and have not surfaced they are the most corrupt, but they too will surface like the others. These creatures are materialistic and love money to feed on, for their thirst is great. Dems must come out so that we can see them all for what they are, the most evil and vile people, with no standard of self respect, still hide behind the scenes, we will get you all eventually to face the law for the 3.5 years of damage you inflicted on this president DJT who is innocent of all you accuse him off, is your own reflection of all you have said and done. Point the finger at yourselves as the guilty party to the wickedness and crimes you committed. Remember dems, you are guilty of, “TREASON SEDITION & SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES under 18 U.S.


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