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Here’s everything we know…

According to ABC News, Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly found dead by suspected suicide in his cell.

“Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced millionaire who was facing federal sex trafficking charges, died by suicide Friday night in his Lower Manhattan jail cell,” three law enforcement officials told ABC News.

The exact timing and circumstances were not immediately clear.

There are also reports floating about a Possible Clinton Angle but everything is Hazy right now.



  1. Who are they trying to BS … he was murdered perhaps via a “Drug” administered via a Deep State Top Official’s Orders by someone either visiting or paid off by the Deep State Top Money Guys or Gal!!!!!!!!!
    Probably paid off a Prison Guard with “Big Money!”

    Sounds about right … don’t ya think?????????……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOBODY …. would take their Own Life when they are saying their “NOT GUILTY” of the Crime being Indicted for, duh!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He decided instead of getting all those elite high-profile friends to get him off the hook to commit suicide. Yeah that’s it, pretty sure that would be the last though on someone’s mind, when they had all that leverage/dirt on their side.

  3. guilty until proven innocent …. that is the current standard… and trump 86’d Jeffrey Epstein from his hotels …. while at the same time , Obama invited him to functions , and bill was logging frequent flyer miles …. any one accused does not need a lawyer … they need schedules , ticket stubs placing them at a church meeting…. or better… resign , drop out , and get a job at a new station . we do not need to send them all to prison… but guilty until proven innocent has been the current standard… lets just go with the current standard … and flush out every one accused of anything…. lets turn Washington into a ghost town of the party’s and the big money lobbyists

  4. may i add …. any one not elected to office , and accused… needs to be assumed guilty … and prove your innocents , or let it be assumed you were and are guilty…. prison time for those who are clearly guilty… but the very fact that you were among those who are guilty , means you need to shut up and leave Washington for ever … if you are not guilty.. then you knew it was happening and said nothing… did nothing … are guilty of being worse than the monsters… you approved of what they did …. time to flush washington… and the handle is Jeffrey Epstein … and the sad part is… we do not need to make up the guilty … they really are guilty of either knowing… covering it up … or being a party to the rape of children …

  5. The two names released already speak volumes about who was involved. We all know BJ Clinton was, but he has a lifetime get out of jail free card as does his wife. A lot of dirty deeds that are going unpunished. Why is it OK for our politicians to prey on children with sex acts? I hope they find all their names an prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law. Then prosecute those who broke the law in the Mueller witch hunt.

  6. The Clintons have a special place reserved in hell, so their get out of jail card is only good for a little while longer. It’s looking like they’ll be joined by quite a few of their friends as well. An eternity of burning seems almost too good for them. I hope a lot more names surface in this investigation – it would be good to see a massive scum round-up in the near future. Hopefully, it reaches from Washington to Hollywood… I’ll bet the a$$wipes are really starting to squirm.


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