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Tensions are at an all time high…

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran was ready for the worst in an uphill struggle to salvage its nuclear deal with world powers..

Fears of a Middle East war with global repercussions have risen since President Donald Trump withdrew last year from the 2015 deal.

Iran has retaliated by breaching the deal, resuming uranium enrichment seen in the West.

“We have a hard battle ahead, but we shall surely win,” Rouhani said on live state television.

“We are not acting on the assumption we will get results through talks and accords,” Rouhani said, alluding to European powers trying to salvage the deal that reined in Iran’s disputed nuclear advances but unable to protect from U.S. sanctions the trade benefits that Tehran was promised in return.

“Instead we are planning based on the assumption that we will not achieve results. Our budget for this year and next, our ministries are also acting on this basis…We are acting and going step-by-step with long-term prudence.”



  1. I’m not sure how they are preparing unless they are all out eating, drinking and being merry.. for tomorrow…..well, you get the picture.

  2. Hey Iran remember what happened to iraq and We did not hit hard like it will be with you we know all your leaders will be down in your rat holes but we have stuff to bust your holes wide open so you have 2 options get in line or go meet mohammed in hell

  3. I’m not worried, GOD ALMIGHTY is in charge of what happens and I know where I am going when it’s all over! The only thing that will happen is what is in GODS plan! Just make sure that you have Repented of your Sins and have Jesus Christ as your LORD and SAVIOR!

  4. We can just bomb these dumb ass Mullahs out of existence. They need to die hard. Let’s go Trump. Put an end to these bastards.


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