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This has to be a joke right?

In a recent press conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) attempted to take the blame off of himself and said that the “obligation is on the nursing home” to keep people who have tested positive for the coronavirus out of their buildings.

According to Breitbart, Cuomo then desperately claimed to have “always followed CDC guidance.” And stated “I think the rule that you can’t discriminate against a COVID patient is right.”

Adding, “That doesn’t mean the nursing home has to accept a COVID-positive patient. They conflate those two things. I understand because politically, facts don’t matter…but because you can’t discriminate doesn’t mean you have to accept. Actually, the law is the opposite. You cannot accept a patient at a nursing home unless you can fully and adequately treat that patient. So, you can’t accept a COVID patient — COVID-positive patient, unless you can isolate and quarantine and have the staff. Unless you can do all that, you cannot accept that person. And the nursing home — the obligation is on the nursing home to say, I can’t take a COVID-positive person. I’m too crowded. I’m too busy. I don’t have enough PPE. Whatever the answer is. It doesn’t even matter. It’s — if they say, I can’t take the person, they can’t take the person. So, that’s how it works. It doesn’t mean they discriminate against the COVID-positive person. They just say, I can’t handle the person.”

You can watch a clip of Cuomo’s comments here.

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  1. Weasel Governor Cuomo will never take the blame as he is a Saint, just ask him. He is more than responsible for these deaths and I hope the families sue him.

  2. Typical Democrat/Leftist , whenever something goes wrong in their decisions it’s always someone else’s fault . At no time can they or will they take the blame . This week it’s the CDC’s fault . Last week it was Trump’s fault . Next week ? Who knows perhaps your fault , fault , anybody’s fault . Will they blame China for causing this in the first place ? No ! Will they come out and say , We Made A Mistake ? Again No .

  3. How many others died in hospitals that were removed from the nursing homes?
    Will they restock their their depleted medical supplies or continue 2 blame the FEDS. 4 not maintaining
    STATE supplies. I think the latter, this way Blomo & Deblowsio can blame POTUS..


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