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Here’s what we know so far…

A judge formally ended the criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein.

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman took the procedural step of adding his initials to an order dismissing the indictment that charged the 66-year-old Epstein with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman noted that the law required the dismissal after Epstein killed himself in jail Aug. 10 while he was awaiting trial.

At the unusual hearing, women detailed how Epstein abused them. The women said he used his financial power and connections to famous people to make them vulnerable.

Attorney General William Barr has promised the Justice Department he will pursue those who enabled Epstein to carry out the sexual assaults.



    • And you base that on what ? be careful about making a statement that you don’t have one shred of proof to back it up with otherwise you are the one who ends up looking and sounding stupid in trying to pass off your opinion as a fact

      • They don’t have one shred of proof that he committed suicide! There are a lot of strange circumstances that would indicate that Epstein was murdered! Taken off suicide watch, was allowed to have material with which he could hang himself, cellmate moved, cameras didn’t work, both substitute guards fell asleep, hardly a normal occurrence!

  1. Why would the court waste its time doing this? The man is dead, THAT is the end of any case you had against him. We should already be going after his enablers and accomplices. Instead we are wasting our time ending something that has already ended on its own.

  2. If he was murdered which I am 100% sure he was this means you think his murderer should not be found and prosecuted! I don’t care what Epstein did he deserved his day in court that is why we have courts!

  3. I believe that he committed suicide just like I believe JFK was killed by one bullet that ended up in pristine condition after passing through two men. NOT!

  4. What the court is saying, is that all the people that hung out with Epstein and abused young under age girls can go back to business as usual…Epstein is dead and they are safe from the law…or above the law which ever way they prefer to at it!

    • I’m sure that Bill Clinton and the Royal Family, among others, are breathing much easier. Does ANYONE really believe that the government has any intention of going after his “enablers”? Anyone who tried to unearth the truth would end up just as dead as Epstein. The only thing that gives me any satisfaction is my belief that all of these scumbags will soon be burning in hell for eternity.


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