Bragg Faces Shocking Consequences in Trump Case, Don’t Miss This Eye-Opening Story

Legal expert and former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz believes that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg could be disbarred for his case against former President Donald Trump. During an appearance on Fox News, Dershowitz also argued that Bragg could face up to five years in prison if he is found guilty of leaking details of Trump’s indictment to the media.

Leaking grand jury testimony to the public is a Class E felony in New York and carries a prison sentence between one and five years. Dershowitz also spoke about how having Michael Cohen as a witness could damage the district attorney.

Dershowitz said that Bragg could face disbarment if he is found to have acted unethically by putting Cohen on the stand, even though he knows he will lie. He added that if Bragg does not investigate who leaked the sealed indictment, he could be derelict in his duties as the district attorney.