Border CRISIS Gone Wild!

Passionate Republican voters have a lot to be concerned about when it comes to the Biden administration’s handling of immigration.

Former Trump White House immigration adviser Stephen Miller recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the crisis at the southern border and what he sees as a potential impeachable offense committed by President Biden.

Miller argues that Biden is resettling large numbers of illegal immigrants in the country, which he believes violates plain law. He cites Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, which states that the government has the obligation to protect any state in this country against invasion and domestic violence.

Miller contends that the massive influx of illegal immigrants constitutes a large-scale, unwelcome, uninvited entry into the country, and therefore, the government has a constitutional obligation to stop it.

Miller also suggests that the Supreme Court could strike down the Biden administration’s immigration policies as a blatant violation of the Constitution’s Republican form of government.

He maintains that Biden’s failure to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution, as well as his commitment to ensure a Republican form of government to every state, is a violation of his oath of office.

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability recently held a hearing on the southern border crisis, during which U.S. Border Patrol Chiefs testified about the impact of Biden’s policies. Chief Patrol Agent for the Tucson Sector John Modlin reported a dramatic increase in apprehensions at the southern border under the Biden administration.

He also noted the dangerous and life-threatening situations that agents often find themselves in when responding to lost or distressed migrants.

Gloria Chavez, Chief Patrol Agent for the Rio Grande Valley sector, spoke about the exploitation of the southern border by drug cartels and transnational criminal organizations.

She emphasized the need for a balance between immigration and border security and for the government to get serious about securing the border for the safety and well-being of the American people.

Passionate Republican voters should be deeply concerned about the impact of Biden’s lax immigration policies on the country. The influx of illegal immigrants at the southern border not only violates the law but also puts American citizens and Border Patrol agents at risk.

Miller’s argument that this constitutes an impeachable offense should be taken seriously, as should the testimonies of the Border Patrol Chiefs who are on the front lines of this crisis.

It’s time for the government to fulfill its constitutional obligation to protect the country and its citizens. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has the power to shut down the border with Mexico and stop this invasion in its tracks.

The Supreme Court also has a responsibility to uphold the Constitution and strike down policies that violate the Republican form of government.

Passionate Republican voters must remain vigilant and hold the Biden administration accountable for its actions. The safety and well-being of the American people should always come first, and it’s time for our government to start acting accordingly.