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Cory Booker is going through with his proposed plan to give under privileged 18-year-olds thousands.

The American Opportunity Accounts Act provides yearly subsides in federally managed accounts leading up to a calculated sum of $46,215 to 18-year-olds in the lowest income bracket.

Booker cited his plan in a Tweet he sent out this morning.

“We must close the wealth gap that’s undermining equal opportunity in our country,” Booker said in his Tweet. “My baby bonds will help level the playing field by creating a savings account for every U.S. child—to invest in themselves through things like paying for higher education.”

Booker’s Tweet retweeted an article tweeted by The article was headlined: “Cory Booker’s America Opportunity Accounts Act is a Bold Step Towards Wealth Equality.”

“Today, with the announcement of the American Opportunity Accounts Act, we’re excited to see Senator Cory Booker (D.-N.J.) take a concrete step to help level the wealth-building playing field and ensure that all children—especially those who come from low- and moderate-income families—have a fair shot to reach financial security and prosperity,” said the article.

It linked to an article at Vox, entitled: “An exclusive look at Cory Booker’s plan to fight wealth inequality: give poor kids money.”

“America has a massive, growing racial wealth gap,” Vox said. “The median white family today holds nearly 10 times the wealth of the median black family.

“Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.),” Vox continued, “is introducing a bill aimed at closing that gap. His idea is to give low-income kids a sizable nest egg (nearly $50,000 in some cases) that they could use for wealth-building purchases, like a down payment on a house or college tuition.”

“It would be a dramatic change in our country to have low-income people break out of generational poverty,” Booker told Vox. “We could rapidly bring security into those families’ lives, and that is really exciting to me.”

Vox explained how Booker’s plan would work:

“His American Opportunity Accounts Act would give each child born in the United States a savings account with $1,000. Each year, until the child turns 18, the government would deposit as much as $2,000 into that account. The size of the annual payment would depend on the child’s family income, with lower-income families receiving larger checks. …

“Booker’s office estimates that a child who remains in the lowest income bracket of the program (meaning she gets the largest, $2,000 payment each year) would accrue $46,215 by her 18th birthday. A child in the highest income bracket of the program (above 500 percent of the poverty line, or $147,100 for a family of four) would end up with $1,681—just the original $1,000 payment plus earnings accured from the government investing it in low-risk funds.”




  1. Do you see why I think we are unlikely to make it to the 2020 election before the civil war starts.?
    There is only one answer to dealing with these life forms. Talk isn’t it.

    • and where is that $1000. per child coming from? and if there is more than one child in a family that could be thousands a year, even on the low end to all of them…. Thats the craziest thing I have ever heard…..

    • Actually this country was formed by genocide, and built by slavery. If hard work built wealth for the worker, the slaves that built our country would be the ruling class you’ve got everything twisted. Booker’s idea is pretty good

      • Slaves built our country? Are you fucking nuts. I grew up poor. I’m white! I drank powdered milk as a kid. Get out and learn a trade. That’s building america you idiot.

      • Are you really that stupid??? Give them another hand out and they’ll blow that too. Teach them that hard work produces eaarning and they’ll have money and a valuable lesson learned. After all SOMEONE did have to work hard for that money that you’re giving away to someone who already thinks they’re entitled. Quite a catch 22 you’re enabling there, idiot!

  2. No one gave me money because I came from a low income family, being my mom was a single mom raising me alone. It is how you are raised and the values you are taught to make something of yourself. I quit school at 16 and got married and I had my 1 st child of 3 at 17 yrs old. When my kids were old enough to go to daycare and school, I got a job and Then divorced and then after working for years I went back to school. Got my GED and then on to college and became a registered nurse. Maybe if the kids are taught at a young age you have to work for what you want and you will appreciate things more. Do not hang out in gangs, go home and do your homework and learn and find she school so you can achieve your dreams. It took me years to finally do that and now I am retired and my children have succeed in life, one is an attorney, one is a plastic surgeon and the other is a computer networker. It was also instilled in them you have to work and earn what you want, nothing will be handed to you on a platter, I definitely could not do this for them. They have student loan debt but are paying it as they should. It can be done and will if you work hard to do this to get want you want.

    • Well said, Radone! And I completely agree with you. My parents divorced when (at least in the part of the country we lived in) divorce was still mostly taboo. My Mother worked prior to marrying my Father and they decided she would continue to work until they had their first child, at which time she would become a “stay at home” Mother. My Father had a good paying job for the time and my Mother followed a budget. When they divorced, my Mother obtained financing to attend Business College. My sisters, Mother, and I would sit at the kitchen table and do our homework together after supper. We were taught that whatever we wanted out of life, we had to work for it ourselves; nobody owed us anything. As to me, personally, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1965 when I was 7 years old. (I was 12 when my parents divorced). I spent 4 months in Children’s Convalescent Hospital for long-term patients; the arthritis started in my ankles, then knees, and eventually to every joint in my body. I was on 100% bedrest, didn’t walk for a year, and my rheumatologist told my parents I would never be able to walk again nor be in the work force. However, I wanted to work and make my own way in life and I did. I worked for about 27 years and then in 2008, had to take my disability retirement. My point: my Mother was left at home with 3 young girls; my brother had turned 18 already and helped us out when he could); our Father paid the very minimum amount of child support ($20.00/week/per child) and that was my Mother’s only income until she graduated from business school and got a job. I have no doubt that my Mother would have qualified for food stamps and likely could have received a type of SSI on my behalf due to my medical conditions. However, she didn’t. She, along with us girls, worked hard and supported ourselves. We didn’t expect anything from the government nor did we seek it. For all these reasons, and in my opinion, Mr. Booker’s proposed suggestion is outlandish! No one owes anyone anything! There used to be a trait called “personal responsibility”. That is, each and every individual was accountable for their own actions. We knew, in no uncertain terms, we had to work for what we needed and wanted. In reading your post, you reminded me of my Mother. Good for you maam.



  4. This is about STUPID. GIVE KIDS MONEY! I learned a long time back that kids, adults included never learn to appreciate anything unless they EARN it. Give the kids jobs and let them earn money then they also learn to watch how they spend THEIR money. Theses liberals are all for making, causing people to depend on someone rather than to stand on their own two feet. They are dumbing down our country. Socialism just does not and never has worked.

  5. And who is going to supply this money-? Or did I miss the part that says He is donating the money from his own salary / bank account-? Isn’t it Amazing how demoncrats just love to give away other people’s money to those who don’t earn their own-!!!

  6. I am sure there are others in the lower income bracket that could also use Mr. Booker’s giveaway…and is that his own money or does it belong to some else….like taxpayers? And why do we have to play the R card…I call that pandering.

  7. Corry, you socialistic idiot, WHERE exactly do you propose to GET the dough for this nutroll? What investments, exactly, will give that kind of return? What EFFECT, exactly, will all that gubmint cash have on that part of the financial structure of the country?

  8. I have a question for Cory Booker, if this is supposed to be for higher education why on earth would they be able to use this money as a down payment on a home? If they do not have a good education, and a good job, how would they in turn make the payments on said home? This is just blank talk to try and get people to vote for them in 2020 then spit in all of their faces. A better life is achieved buy staying in school, working hard and being proud in your own success. We do not need more handouts, we people educated in how to make the American dream a reality for each and everyone of us and it is not be accepting handouts which will not only run out but will never give you the inner satisfaction of what you achieved on your own.

  9. Train these poor children for good jobs, then if they take the initiative to work and do well everyone will be happy, including the recipient whoever the person is!

  10. Politicians have been trying this since the sixties. If only poor people had money, they would become responsible, contributing, well adjusted members of society. It’s called welfare, and it’s been an abject failure for 50+ years. Handing a wad of free money to someone when they turn 18 who doesn’t understand the value of a dollar, because they have never had to go out and earn one, is not going to get them off on the right foot as an adult. It’ll be just more free taxpayer money for them to blow through. No matter what fancy name you cook up for the program, it’s still the same old Socialist redistribution of wealth scheme that has been tried, and has failed miserably. Try instilling young people from the low end of the economic spectrum with some morals, understanding of financial management and some marketable skills. They will be much better served than if you just hand them a wad of cash upon turning 18 that they can spend on cars, clothes, drugs, and high living until it runs out and they are back at square one, looking for another handout.

  11. Hey Cory Booker, I’m a very old man and I’ve been working since I was nine years old. I still work. I served 4 years in the U.S. Naval Amphibious Forces! Instead of taking money from decent honest citizens, tell these sissified kids to go get a job.

  12. Cory Booker is a crazy loon. Being poor is not a dedicated position one would want to be in unless you were an idiot. Booker should be trying to help underprivileged people to better their lives and not take money from the government because they are owed something by the Americans who have worked hard to get ahead.

  13. I’m a white female and the eldest of eight children. My mother supported our family by working 18 hour shifts in a factory. My dad was a deadbeat. The racial angle to all of this stymies me. Poor children come in all colors, just as the infamous “privilege” is bestowed across color lines. Just look at the ads on TV – the black mom sitting in her luxurious home with her elegantly dressed children playing nearby, watching her new windows being humped of a delivery truck by a couple blond-haired, blue-eyed minimum wagers. Isn’t that enough mind-numbing propaganda. According to what I see on TV, blacks and other minorities are doing great in America. They’re judges, and lawyers, and doctors, and architects, and corporate execs, who live their lives bossing inferior whites around. Also, I do not believe that whites are the wealthiest group in America, these days.

  14. [“We must close the wealth gap that’s undermining equal opportunity in our country,” Booker said in his Tweet.]

    Really? This gap has existed in this country, as it does all around the world throughout human history, here even before the “American Revolution”, yet all Americans have lived through it, and has made this the greatest country in all human history.

    So what seems to be the problem that so direly needs to be fixed, can we no longer live and excel through hard work, as our ancestors did in this country? Why change something that works, and chance destroying what has been best for mankind throughout history? This has always been the only country in the world where a poor child can grow up and achieve becoming our President, just as Obama did.

    But I guess the Socialist Democrats want to destroy this country through financial and economic bankruptcy, instead of allowing people to use their incentive and work hard on their own to better themselves, just as it always has been in the USA for all Americans.

  15. Always looking for a handout. Take that actor (?) who just got caught with that scam in Chicago, Is most claim of disrespect for blacks really made up?

  16. And yet another idiot rolls out of the liberal DemoRAT socialist little clown car…. Exactly who, Cory, will be funding all these payments? Seniors living on Social Security are sometimes barely getting by. Cory, do you have a plan to help the seniors living at or below the poverty level? What about many of our Vets? What about the working poor? When will you bleeding heart liberals figure out Socialism and more and more freebie handouts don’t work? If AOC’s New Green Deal is implemented, 18-year olds won’t need this money because AOC’s plan is for free everything, including college. Give the average 18-year old $40K+ and they will blow it in 6 months or less on a new car, clothes, drugs, etc. and they’ll be economically right back where they started, lazy, stupid and under-educated thanks to our failing public schools who indoctrinate instead of educate. This is like NObama’s boondoggle “cash for clunkers”; how did that work out? DemoRATS = idiots with zero common sense. Cory, do you have more than 7 functioning brain cells?

  17. And yet another idiot rolls out of the liberal DemoRAT socialist little clown car…. Exactly who, Cory, will be funding all these payments? Seniors living on Social Security are sometimes barely getting by. Cory, do you have a plan to help the seniors living at or below the poverty level? What about many of our Vets? What about the working poor? When will you bleeding heart liberals figure out Socialism and more and more freebie handouts don’t work? If AOC’s New Green Deal is implemented, 18-year olds won’t need this money because AOC’s plan is for free everything, including college. Give the average 18-year old $40K+ and they will blow it in 6 months or less on a new car, clothes, drugs, etc. and they’ll be economically right back where they started, lazy, stupid and under-educated thanks to our failing public schools who indoctrinate instead of educate. This is like NObama’s boondoggle “cash for clunkers”; how did that work out? DemoRATS = idiots with zero common sense. Cory, do you have more than 7 functioning brain cells?

  18. I have a better idea… get your 18 year old butt up
    and get a job. earn a living on your own. Move out of mommy’s basement. Quit believing the crap they have been systematically & intentionally been indoctrinating you with like the BS that you are owed something, just because.
    Aside from the youth of today that have challenged the status quo and decided to use the brain God gave them to think logically instead of relying on their pathetic emotions. Emotions are real, they’re rarely true though.
    Grown up, learn what it means to earn your keep.
    Many of you will be no more than you are today. However, I believe there will be a select group of self thinkers that will genuinely recognize what a pile of subterfuge you’re be sold, in lieu of a truthful educathion. I challenge each of you to search for truth, I promise you, it will not be found in indoctrination camps. (AKA; School).

  19. Really? To use the money for a down payment on a house??? Lenders don’t lend money when there is no income to pay it back Who will then be expected to pay the mortgage??? Absurd and promoting a generation of do nothings

  20. This is utter nonsense! Why not make this retroactive while you’re at it?! My parents (a housewife and a cop) raised four kids and paid a mortgage all their lives while putting us thru’ public college and we didn’t get a penny. Hand outs for who and why? More government freebies for the undeserving.

  21. Are you serious Booker? If you want to give away my tax dollars, why don’t you teach these kids a decent trade? Oh, that would mean that they’d have to do that dirty 4 letter word, work! By the way, you got ahead didn’t you? Who gave you what? Nobody ever learns anything by someone else giving them something.
    You’re part of the problem rather than part of the solution!
    You and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should run as a team. Both of you together are about as bright as a 5 watt light bulb. SMH

  22. Bookers idea is nothing more than another hard working American tax payer funded entitlements program to ingrain and brainwash the younger generations to believe that there will always be money there to take care of them even if they don’t want to work and be responsible and contribute to society. We are into our fourth and fifth generations of American people who have been spoon fed this same crap sense the 1950’s and the your not responsible for your actions propaganda is responsible for the thousands and thousands of goverment funded housing projects across this country that are nothing more than breeding grounds for crime and unwed birth explosion and the begenning and organized operations of gangs such as MS13 and many others and have become the manufacturing and distribution centers for major drug operations.Booker your just doing the ole patomic two step dance.trying to buy votes with tax payer money.your just another D.C.swamp scum slug.when the American peoples president DONALD J TRUMP is reelected in 2020 and opens the swamp drain wide open I sure hope your sorry socialist ass is the first scum sucking slug down the drain.jgb

  23. The only thing this program does is establish a group of people that will depend on the government. All this is an extension of the welfare program. Just another entitlement. The only way a socialist can win is by creating an environment where people are dependent on the government so they don’t have to work. You want to improve poverty go into the neighborhoods clean it up from all the crime and gangs and most important start teaching individuals with a trade. It is much more valuable to teach the person a trade and have them work so they can see what they have accomplished. When a person develops a worth in society they also develop a self worth.

  24. Hey, if you are any color except white, just take the Civil Service Exam. aLL, but whites, start out with five(5) points so, Dear friends, you , being white, score 75. Any other color scores 75. So you think it is a tie? Wrong, wrong, remember color starts out with 5 points so the person of color now has 80 points and gets the job. Again, who is getting screwed.? I do believe with Cory’s lame brain plan, you who have their thinking caps know exactly who will get screwed.
    Now isn’t that just peachy keen? If that is fair I just landed in DC from Mars.

  25. Sorry, Booker, they can just go to work and earn a living like the rest of did.
    They have been given the opportunity to get an education so they can earn
    a living. Get real!

  26. That’s really a great way to teach the youth of America about managing money when they don’t even know about the hard work it takes to earn it or how to manage it. Gosh I can just imagine how fast those that money will go from the hands of those youth to by beer, marijuana, tickets to concerts and sodas. Great idea Corey, oh I bet you’re gonna say the government will manage their money for them. That’s a guarantee their money will be gone in 60 seconds. What makes you think the majority of 18 year old youth will have the maturity to manage money? You’re such a dope.

  27. Every American redives a free education through High School. Students fall into three classes Above Average, Average Below Average, the first two classes have the ability to sucessfully complete High School with the Above Average Crowd benfiting from College, tha Average Crowd is prepared for the work force, as the Holy Writ, tells us The Poor Ye will always have.Since the availability of College Loans we have a greated njumber than necessary trying college , The Average crowd. they run up debet but never obtain a meaningful degree. The jpns are pout there for the AVerqgfe Crowd.The Market, the unseen hand of the Market, Adam Smith wrote the book sometime ago and Adam was right the Market works. Ask the Russians and Chinese what happened to their economies when they threw a good dose of Captialism into the system and retreated from Communism. America is not going to become a Socialist Nation as the DEms will learn in 2020

  28. How come the dems just want to GIVE money away. Why don’t they create jobs for people? Or is work too demeaning for the younger generation? Why don’t they get College and Healthcare costs DOWN instead of giving it away at other peoples expense?

  29. let him give them the money i’m sure he’s a sugar daddy to quite a few 18yr olds what a stupid fuckin idiot and remember you voted for these fuckin jerks

  30. We have Barack to “thank” for this as he has created a racial divide so that every black looking to make a splash comes up with one of these “scheme’s to get his face on TV tonight! How about a program to teach these 18 year olds how you work for your living an “earn” your money rather than have another politician looking for free advertising come up with another scheme to get people talking about him! Booker needs to get himself out in front of the thousands of Dem politicians who have decided they have a chanceat the Oval Office in 2020! I almost would have thought it was a decent idea until I read the comment about white middle class having so much more than blacks! Did it ever occur to you that’s because they work for it?

  31. I am so sick of this crap…..just open up fort knox and let people go in and take what they want….
    I have new for him, it is not my job to even the playing field….I grew up poor in the projects in Boston, i now have a good paying job, own my own home and drive a decent car. NOT ONE person or GOVERNMENT PROGRAM did a thing for me..I DID IT, all on my own, its called initiative and hard work….get up of your butt ad improve your own life stop expecting me to do it for you

  32. Booker’s proposition appears to be prompted either by an attempt to pander for votes or by complete ignorance of human behavior….maybe both. My opinion is that giving handouts, in most cases, creates an atmosphere where people are conditioned to keep that hand extended for whatever the government wants to give away and doesn’t promote the American ideal that “hard work,” in and of itself, is the way to be successful in this world…..whether one becomes wealthy or not, learning to earn your own way through life promotes a sense of pride and individualism that receiving handouts only stunts.

  33. Isn’t this called bribery in the election as you know the only reason he is stating this is to get their votes? Needs investigation!!!! Go back and read the article that cory “rapist” booker wrote in the early 90’s when he self admitted raping a woman. Yea. You cannot make this crap up. The dems are losing it and finally we are able to continue to drain the swamp. TRUMP 2020!!!

  34. This idea of Boogers is nothing more than a money grab from the people who worked hard for their money only to give it to people who choose to do nothing for themselves. I myself when I was younger worked one full time job and two part time jobs to get ahead in life, because that’s what it took to get where I wanted to go and to make life easier later in life. A better idea would be to teach our children nothing in life is free, or you reap what you sow, or money doesn’t grow on trees and all the other clichés my father preached to me.

  35. In stead of giving them money, the US should do like Israel. At the age 18 every person is put into military service for 4 years–lots of jobs and train. At the end of the 4 year stint, they can get undergraduate college paid for–not books and incidental. They learn skills that will help them become decent citizens. They learn a work ethic. They are removed from gang influence, moved to a different area of the country to experience life. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and he is able to provide for him self. It time that the youth of today learn to be responsible and accountable.

  36. Yeah, Corey, so they can go out and buy MORE Drugs with taxpayer hard earned money?
    You are such a Sparaticus idiot……..They need JOBS, not more handouts that don’t last.
    They and all poor disadvantaged people need JOBS to build their futures better.
    Like President Trump is doing for ALL Americans. You socialists are so stupid it is incredible you can walk or talk.

  37. I grew up in What was called a lower class family. I started working when I was 12 years old in the cotton fields picking cotton for 35 cents per 100 pounds in a good day you picking by hand could pick maybe 150 to 175 lbs a day. When I was a teen I started to work part time after I got out of school. When I was a Junior in high school I got into a program at school Called ICT ( industrial cooperative training ) In that program you went to school until noon and then went out on a job in your chosen profession and Worked for the time at work I was paid 50 cents a hour. I worked heard and as a result when I graduated I was placed in a job at the same place and was paid 2.50 per hour. I worked very heard and saved what I could. From there I got enough money and went to a major University. paid my own way through worked while I was going and graduated at the top of my class, When I graduated I got a job with a large company as a engineer. I am now in my 70s and retired with a very good retirement. Forgot to mention I was married and raising 4 children while I was in school. And owned my own home where my wife and I now live. That is what a young person could do then if they wanted to do then and still can today if they want to do it
    SO WHAT DO I BELIEVE!!!!!!! Tell Cory Booker and the rest of the LYING DEMOCRAPS to leave us alone and people that want to can do the same!!! How do I know this I have 4 children and 3 grown grad kids that have also done almost the same thing. This is called THE AMERICAN DREAM LEAVE IT ALONE IT STILL WORKS GREAT FOR ANYONT THAT WANTS TO MAKE IT WORK CAN DO IT NO MATTER RACE OR REILGON.

  38. Where is this suppose to come from? Hopefully from your personal bank account! What a stupid, waste of time and tax payers money! He is trying to buy votes because everybody knows he is a total waste himself!

  39. Did Cory Booker graduate from High School? He comes up with the most unbelievable ideas. In fact he reminds me of one of the Disney characters with his outrageous ideas. Only the Dems would support this as they are running on the idea of taking away our money we have worked a lifetime to retire comfortably not giving money to teenagers or kids. People need to work for their money, not take money from people who work hard. Cory needs to go back to NJ and take his sleeping bag and spend the night under a street light to show the streets were safe? WHAT? He probably had guards posted. The Dems are getting worse and worse. It’s like they live in a alternate universe!

  40. What burns my butt is the Bookers in Washington think the low income children are too dumb to work and better themselves, so they (out of the goodness of their heart) will have to give it to them otherwise they’ll never amount to anything that’s BS I worked in the school system for 25 yrs. Being poor is not synonymous to being stupid. Low income children should be furious this ding dong thinks they’re not intelligent people and can’t work for what they want.

  41. Hey guys, everybody knows the concept, you don’t work, you don’t eat, even the Democrats. Its not about that… never has been, its about buying votes in a certain age demographic plain and simple. There are still those 18 yr olds who feel they are owed or entitled, they have the mentality that you’d be stupid not to grab it if the grabbing is free. Nothing here about pride or integrity. These are the voting population the Dems are after.

  42. I have been around for over 70 years and the only reason the white people have more is because we work; we do not look for handouts because handouts only increase the problem not help it. Cory Booker how much have you given to help the Black People in the last six months?

  43. I have been around for over 70 years and the only reason the white people have more is because we work; we do not look for handouts because handouts only increase the problem not help it. Cory Booker how much have you given to help the Black People in the last six months?

  44. Queer Bathroom Booker AKA Spartacus , should be MADE to pay for this NOT the American Tax Payers, He is such a Queer Loser ! He makes me sick , He will NEVER be a PRESIDENT ! Democrats are trying to buy votes and will NEVER PAY UP !


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