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What was this all about?

During the final presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, 2020 presidential Joe Biden said something that left a lot of viewers scratching their heads.

According to the Gateway Pundit, during his debate with President Trump, Biden strangely referred to President Trump as Abraham Lincoln. “Abraham Lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents we’ve had in modern history. He pours fuel on every single racist fire.” Biden stated.

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. It’s elder abuse to have Biten put in this position where he has to act as if he has coherent thoughts.
    Andrew Jackson, the unknown founder of the democrap party, was deeply racist, totally abused native Americans, even the ones that aided his plots against Native Americans, pulled MASSIVE land confiscation deals against Natives, & sold those loans for profit & votes from grateful settlers to those lands. Not that Navives were all that innocent themselves.
    Reminds one of Hillary.
    HILLARY’S AMERICA, Dinesh D’Souza


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