Biden’s Hawaii Oversight: Rep Luna Reveals What The Media Won’t Tell You

The contrast in President Biden’s actions has been starkly highlighted by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna. As Hawaii grapples with its most devastating wildfire to date, resulting in the death of at least 99 people, Biden’s decision to send $200 million in military aid to Ukraine has been met with disbelief.

Luna, in a video message, questioned the President’s priorities, emphasizing the importance of domestic issues over foreign relations. “”Families are devastated and have lost everything they own, and death tolls continue to rise,”” she stated, drawing attention to the severity of the situation in Hawaii.

Biden’s lack of response, especially when questioned by reporters during his beach trip in Delaware, has been a significant point of criticism. The President’s silence on such a grave domestic issue while allocating funds for foreign aid has left many stunned.

Luna’s criticism is not isolated. Many have expressed their disappointment with the President’s actions. The need for a leader who prioritizes domestic tragedies and provides support in times of crisis is evident. As the nation mourns the loss of its citizens in Hawaii, the call for a more empathetic and responsive leadership is clear.

Source Fox News