Biden’s 2024 Re-Election Bombshell, This Will Leave You Speechless

According to Axios, President Joe Biden is delaying the announcement of his re-election campaign, leaving ambitious Democrats and would-be staffers in a holding pattern. Despite having not yet hired a campaign manager or finance chairman, sources close to the White House say that there’s no indication that Biden has changed his mind about running for re-election.

However, it’s also been noted that Vice President Kamala Harris could benefit from Biden’s waiting game, and other Democrats might be negatively impacted if they have to wait longer to make their own plans.

Biden’s polling numbers have recently taken a hit, with his approval rating dropping to 38% in March, according to a survey by the Associated Press/NORC Center. This could be a factor in his decision to delay the announcement of his re-election bid.

However, his advisers say that there’s no mechanism pushing Biden to announce his re-election campaign soon, and there’s no sign he will.