UPDATE … JOE BIDEN spoke to a firefighters union today. He has still not announced a run for president. L.A Times says he “strongly hinted” he’s in… JMart, in the Times, says Biden “moved even closer to entering the presidential race”

WILD STORY : “Celebrities, wealthy parents charged by FBI in college admissions scheme”: “The scheme involved bribing coaches and college administrators — with about $25 million in payments over seven years — and paying off college entrance exam administrators to allow students to cheat on their tests, according to charging documents.

“Among those charged are ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Huffman and Loughlin of ‘Full House’ fame. Loughlin’s husband, clothing designer Mossimo Giannulli, was also charged. They and several others are accused of scheming to get their children into schools including Georgetown; Yale; Stanford; the University of Texas; the University of Southern California; the University of California, Los Angeles; and others. Coaches at Georgetown, USC, UCLA and other schools face racketeering charges.” 



  1. Uncle Joe…..lets put this mildly….humans, no matter who they are…are weak in mind and body and when money and power are big factors…..these tend to get weaker and weaker over time and this is what leads them forward or backward. Biden I feel is contemplating very hard about running…..almost leaning more to NOT running……and if the tables turn on the next Democrat President(God FORBID) like they did to Trump…then I don’t think anyone will run for President anymore for fear of all their closets being opened up for all to see……..cause they will be boiled, grilled, fryed, and microwaved while in office.just like Trump.

  2. Biden is a criminal and really screwed up in the Ukraine. He was bragging about what he did not realizing what he stepped in. He is also a womanizer and should keep a further distance from them. Creepy Uncle Joe has to realize he should not run for President but should stay home playing with the grandchildren and watch old reruns of movies from the 60’s.


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