Biden Skips a Major Event, Guess Who’s Outraged, You Need To See This

Hey there, fellow Patriots! Did you hear that President Biden declined the invitation to attend King Charles III’s coronation this weekend? I mean, what kind of leader does that? It’s just another example of his weak leadership and lack of respect for our allies.

But don’t worry, we’re not just here to complain. We’re here to make a change! We need a president who will represent us proudly and show our allies the respect they deserve. It’s time for a leader who puts America first and upholds our values.

So, let’s get involved! Talk to your friends and family, write to your elected officials, and let your voice be heard. We can make a difference, and it’s time for us to demand better from our leaders.

And let’s have a little fun while we do it. Maybe we can start a petition to get President Biden to attend the next royal event! Who’s with me? Let’s make our voices heard and show the world what American pride is all about.

Source Fox News