Joe Biden has a long history of saying and doing absolutely absurd things. From sniffing hair to rambling on and on about “Cornpop,” Biden has never been known the as the most eloquent or savory guy. The cognitive decline that seems apparent over the last few years has only made the situation worse.

But Biden’s comments about the Colonial pipeline hacking and the resulting gas shortage in America takes his cluelessness to a whole new level. Jack Phillips writes,

President Joe Biden said that as the Colonial Pipeline is coming back online following a ransomware attack last week, Americans shouldn’t panic-buy and hoard fuel, although he cautioned that shortages might continue in the near future.

“Fuel is beginning to flow to a majority of the markets that they service, and they should be reaching full operational capacity as we speak,” he said at the White House on May 13, but noted that “we will not feel the effects at the pump immediately.”

“This is not like flicking on a light switch,” Biden said. “I know seeing lines at the pumps or gas stations with no gas can be extremely stressful,” he said, “but this is a temporary situation.”

Don’t panic? That’s easy for Joe to say when he lives a kept life in Washington, D.C. with the government being able to take the resources that they “need” even if the rest of us suffer.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the problem, Phillips continues:

The [Colonial pipeline] system is crucial in delivering fuel to portions of the Southeastern United States. This week, gas stations in North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, and elsewhere reported fuel shortages, according to analyst website GasBuddy.

Meanwhile, long lines were seen at stations, which triggered other motorists to fill their tanks—as well as gas canisters—out of fear of a shortage, according to GasBuddy’s Patrick De Haan in a May 12 interview with The Epoch Times.

Unbelievable. Gas stations are running out of gas. People are worried about being able to get to work and get paid in this sluggish economy, and Biden’s response is not to panic? Come on, man!



  1. joe. Time to undo some of those exe orders green deal is crap 10 yrs if any. Turn on the pipeline you closed and your state of pa let them get their oil. Thankyou


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