Well, well, well, what do we have here? Oh, it’s another Joe Biden nominee accused of dishonesty, of trying to mislead Congress in order to get into office, and, in this case, accused of outright lying to Congress.

I wish that I were surprised.

This time, the accused is Tracy Stone-Manning who is Biden’s nominee to head up the Bureau of Land Management.

And what is she accused of lying about? Only about whether she was investigated, and one group is saying that she had been investigated for terrorism and reached a plea deal to testify to avoid prosecution. It would seem like she had been investigated to end up with that plea deal, wouldn’t it? Thomas Barrabi writes,

A watchdog group is calling this week for federal prosecutors to investigate allegations that Tracy Stone-Manning, President Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management, may have made false statements to Congress regarding a tree spiking plot during her confirmation process.

Republican lawmakers say Stone-Manning to be barred from consideration over her ties to environmental activists who placed spikes in trees in an effort to sabotage a timber sale in Boise, Idaho in 1989. Stone-Manning later cooperated with federal authorities and testified against two others who were convicted.

The complaint from Protect the Public’s Trust to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington D.C. is focused on Stone-Manning’s written testimony to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on June 8. In response to a question on her own legal history, Stone-Manning said she had never ‘been the target” of a criminal investigation, though she acknowledged testifying before a grand jury during the federal investigation into the tree-spiking incident.

Barrabi continues:

Protect the Public’s Trust asserted Stone-Manning violated federal law with her response to the question. The watchdog group called for an immediate investigation into the situation.

This seems pretty cut and dry. Unless I’m missing something (and I’m not sure what I could be missing in something which appears to be so clear cut), it looks like she lied to Congress.

What also appears to be clear cut is that Stone-Manning shouldn’t be anywhere near holding a Federal office.

What a mixed up world that we live in that she is even being considered for this position.



  1. Let’s see: waters flies to incite to rioting, mayhem, destruction.
    schiff subpoena unlawfully phone records of Republicans.
    swallowwell is in bed with a chinese spy
    feinstein has a chinese helper(!!!) for over twenty years.
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    How many troubling facts do we have to state to demonstrate that the DEMONIC democrats are simply OUTLAWS who care nothing for the truth, justice, and freedom of the people?
    I can state so many felonies accumulated by the members of the left, that it is unconceivable they are still in business and not in PRISON!


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