Biden Ignores Proposal to Meet Gold Star Families: Find Out What Issa Says

Rep. Darrell Issa has recently shed light on an unsettling fact: President Joe Biden has ignored a proposal to meet with Gold Star families. These families, who have lost family members in military service, are still awaiting a response.

Ignoring such a significant request is not just a lack of manners; it’s a disregard for the honor, sacrifice, and service these families represent. The proposed meeting was intended to provide an opportunity for the President to hear directly from those who have lost loved ones and to show his support.

However, weeks have passed without any acknowledgment from the President or his administration. This leaves Gold Star families feeling neglected and unimportant in the eyes of their leader.

Issa’s revelation calls into question Biden’s connection to the military community and his understanding of their unique needs and challenges. By ignoring this meeting, he has demonstrated a lack of compassion and commitment to those who have lost family members in service to our country.

This oversight is not just a political misstep; it’s a failure of leadership and a lost opportunity to show empathy and respect. Gold Star families deserve better, and the nation watches to see if President Biden will rectify this mistake.

Source Fox News