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Wow, these people are monsters.

There has been a lot of noise coming from Bernie supporters that the Democrats are rigging the 2020 nomination against him just like they did in 2016 and they might be right…

According to the Gateway Pundit, Joe Biden just admitted that if Sanders is the Democrat nominee, the party, and all other Democrats will be labelled “Socialist”.

“But if Senator Sanders is the nominee for the party, every Democrat in America up and down the ballot — blue states, red states, purple, in easy districts and competitive ones — every Democrat will have to carry the labels Senator Sanders has chosen for himself,” Biden stated.

“So what do you think about who’s going to be at the top of the ticket” Donald Trump is desperate to pin the Socialist label — Socialist, Socialist, Socialist on our party,” Biden said. “We can’t let him do that.”

You can read more details of this story here.



  1. The entire Corrupt Democraptic Party needs to be absolved and all be investigated for crimes against all Americans… These Idiots of the Liberal Left are too radical to hold an office in Congress or the Senate….


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