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He’s got to get his votes from somewhere…

Robert Francis O’Rourke, a.k.a. Beto, took his campaign for president into Ciudad Juarez. He met with asylum-seekers and bashed the current American president and his immigration policies.

Beto one-upped other Democrats and crossed the border into Mexico to show what a compassionate guy he is.

He live-streamed his trip on Facebook because he knew it would be a sure way to garner publicity. Is it a coincidence that the second quarter FEC deadline was Sunday? Maybe I’m being too cynical. Or not. He did have a tweet for both the trip into Mexico and one for fundraising.



  1. Isn’t Robert Francis cute and adorable? Perhaps next he can campaign in Russia China maybe Iran. Better yet perhaps Mexico will invite him to move there and be a good citizen there. Spread the love, spread the Beto.

  2. What a disaster this Beto guy is. He is for open borders, getting rid of “metering”(so gang-rush the border), getting rid of “stay in Mexico” during asylum process(he knows that “catch-and-release” just allows illegal entry). ending “family” separation(recent border patrol studies reveal that about 30% of “familiy” units have children that are NOT related to them). Even Bernie Sanders, in 2015, said:.”…… borders means NO nation…..and is against the very concept of a nation-state….” This Beto guy is a full-on, stone cold, open borders Marxist and represents some kind of national death wish. How is it possible that he could be running for president?? Just more evidence of the depravity of the leftist Democrats.

  3. After the Dems pitiful first debate I said it seems that 24 out of the 25 contestants running to pick hand picked by those controlling the DNC think they are running to be President of Mexico!

    Well, apparently I was right… only a matter of time before they are all pushing themselves out of the shot to become the most tearstained and horrified Illegal panderer of all!

    Watch out AOC they are coming after your stick…queue the crocodile tears, sad Spanish guitar music, and creative faux outrage lies…like the ones AOC pulled out of her butt today claiming the women she saw were told to drink from the toilet and that was all they had. Wow, is there no low lie she will sink to! Beto better get on the ball he has some competition for the panderers express.

    I just wonder how long even Dems can stomach these idiots.

  4. Beto comes from a whole family of criminal intent, His father as a judge was found corrupt in his reviews and his mother ran a furniture store where his mother did a lot of high dollar deals and a lot of high dollar deposits, but not a lot of high dollar furniture transfers across the border, I believe we call this money laundering, so living in El Paso with open borders makes him the number one contact for the cartels south of the border so he can continue his mothers successful business ventures with furniture. So why was Beto campaigning in Mexico when we all know that he can not collect from foreign investors(you know trump and the russians)for his campaign financing? If I was ted cruz or john cornyn, I would be asking for an intense investigation!

  5. Beto looks like he he has Jock Itch. I am not a doctor but he keeps squirming around. Do we really want a President with Jock Itch?


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