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President Trump has shaken up the government since taking office.

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh was in a particularly buoyant mood on Friday because, as he put it, “essentially what we’re watching is the Democrat Party commit suicide.”

“It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch, kind of exciting to watch, and the excitement tempered with some anticipation,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Friday. “But essentially what we’re watching is the Democrat Party commit suicide. Now, I know it may not look like that to you because you might think the Democrat Party’s winning and dominating things, but I’m telling you, folks, they are committing suicide. And I’ll tell you who has made this happen, aside from me, and that would be D.J.T., Donald J. Trump.”

While he assured his listeners that he would eventually get to their calls on “Open Line Friday,” Limbaugh first laid out some recent developments backing his assertion that we’re watching “the Democrat Party suicide” in real time. Among the key factors driving the Democrats to self-destruction is the consistently good economic news, Donald Trump in general, and their sharp left turn into crazy radicalism.

“Donald Trump is driving Democrats crazy,” said Rush. “Now, that is not new or revolutionary. But we’ve talked in recent days about how the Democrats are no longer masking and hiding who they are. They’re just out front with it. I think one of the reasons for this is Trump. Trump, in the political spectrum of things here, Trump owns the right, obviously, but I think he also has made great inroads in carving out a dominate position in the center.”

Enter former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, a moderate liberal who’s “gonna make a beeline for the center,” but clearly has been taken aback by the response from the party he’s so long supported. The reason: “he has no idea how radically insane liberal it is. And now he’s finding out. And he’s gobsmacked by it.”

While the left mobs Schultz, “CNN can barely contain itself that Cory Booker has announced his intention to enter this fray,” despite his “resume of failure.” The reason they hate the hugely successful Schultz so much but love “failure” Booker: the Democrats’ old class warfare and new intersectionality obsession, both of which are ultimately self-defeating. Throw in the Democrats’ stunning embrace of extreme abortion bills and you’ve got a recipe for party implosion.

“And you couple this with what the Democrat Party is making known about their position on abortion and because Trump has co-opted a large swath of the American political center, he’s driving every Democrat who wants to unseat him so far to the left, I don’t care how far to the left you might think our general population is, they are nowhere near where the mainstream of the Democrat Party is. And you will see,” said Limbaugh.

The abortion extremism is so egregious, suggested Rush, that the media is doing everything they can not to cover it, while Democrats pretend like they know nothing about it.

“The media is in no way being honest about what the Democrat agenda is,” he said. “Do you know that the media’s not even covering this [Democratic Virginia Gov.] Ralph Northam business? And a bunch of people went out and asked other ranking Democrats what they think of Ralph Northam’s position on after-birth abortion in Virginia, and they’re all claiming they didn’t know. ‘What?’ they’re saying. ‘I didn’t know about this.’ Half of them are lying. The other half are telling the truth ’cause the media isn’t reporting this.”

The point is, Limbaugh stressed, the Democrats’ open embrace of radical ideas, like class warfare and “till birth” abortion, is “a golden opportunity for Donald Trump to simply explain the options we have going forward as a country.”

“[A]ll the president would have to do is explain his sadness, not anger, sadness and dismay over what he is hearing from Democrat governors and legislators in New York about aborting children during birth or after,” said Rush. “And he could just say, ‘Is this who we are? Is this what you want in your future? Is this what you think the United States of America is?’ And then go down some of the other wild-ass proposals these people are making on other things and present the contrast.”




  1. I agree with Rush on this. I personally know of several democrats who are getting turned off at their party of choice due to the radicalization of it’s policies.
    What Pres. Trump needs to do is list all of the radical agendas the left has going on, and especially point out the “who” responsible for them.
    He needs to constantly bring the American people back to the subject of: Is this who we really are?.


      Now President Trump Get in there and do your thing ! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! OR KEEP IT GREAT SHOULD I SAY!
      Do not allow the Democraps to poop on it and stink up our America!

    • Democrats have not a clue as to whom they really are. They are blindly being led into never, never land by radical so-called leaders whom are misguided by rich politicians who have but one goal which is to totally destroy America and at the same time destroy you and take all that you own to pad their own bank accounts. If I, Chuck Schummer and Nancy Pelosi were trapped in a well I would dig deeper rather than follow them in any direction that they chose to get out of the prediciment. If we allow those two numbsculls to continue with their radical positions we won’t even be a Union in five years. “Wake Up America” It is time to smell the coffee and get to work re-establishing our great Nation and getting back to being America.

  2. Why doesn’t the public. . know about EVERY PROPOSED Bulk submitted. They SHOULD GAVE YOU PUBLISH TO THE PUBLIC. And allow a time period of public approach it rejection….BEFITS THEY PASS ALL THIS CRAP…..BEHIND OUR BACKS.
    Thats what O am SICK OG
    Their deceit

  3. What do you mean by their PARTY is on the BRINK OF DISASTER.. The DEPLORABLE DUMMY RAT DEMOCRATS PARTY has always been on the BRINK OF DISASTER. And every day it gets WORSE and WORSE

  4. I am 70yo and never dreamed, in my lifetime, that I would hear of blatant murder of children in our country. If our founding fathers could know of what is happening in this country today, they would turn over in their graves. Yes this is blatant murder, color it however you may. Even if you didn’t consider Christianity, this goes against all morality. Yes the USA

  5. If that’s the best THEY can offer (anti-killing of post term children), then America itself is self-aborted. America is flat lining!
    Infrastructure jobs?
    Swamp draining?
    Audit Fed?
    Trump looks more and more like a nursery rhyme charicature, Humpty Dumpty/Trumpty sitting on a silly wall, waiting for his fall.
    Lets call Trumpty the egg man: white on the outside, thin shell/skin, white on the inside, yellow at the core!
    Breaks eggs but no omelet.
    MAGA? … and still no sign of Jesus coming …?

  6. I never thought I would see the USA be in the spot they are know. I cannot believe what I see and hear from the Dems. Tax the rich! Who gives citizens the opportunity to work. Abortion, this is nothing but murder!! The Va. govern, treat him like they did Brett!! These new senators, they have no idea of what they are talking about. They do all of this because they hate Trump🇱🇷 The border wall. Pelosi won’t even go down to check it out!! She is sick! It’s all about power!! The Clinton’s and Obamie tried to ruin this country. May GOD be with us if the Left take over our government. I could go on!!!

  7. We voted for Trump because hes not in it for the money hes tired of all the crap just like we are. We do not believe in abortion when you are so close to having a child or after its delivered. And yes whatever it takes to make our country safe should be whats going on. Helping our fellow americans should come first. I understand these people say they are fleeing their country because its bad but they have to understand this is not years & years ago we are a country of laws and you break the law you have consequences. You can’t expect to just climb our walls go under our walls I’ll break them down to get through it don’t work that way that’s breaking the law which means you go to jail and yes when you go to jail your children do not go with you you don’t have other family they go into foster care. So we need to deal with our people first get the homeless dealt with especially the veteran homeless and then get families off the street and deal with the drug problem is killing our young. Then we can build tiny homes for people to live in that they can afford it’s ridiculous how Apartments cost just as much as a 3-bedroom house nowadays that’s ridiculous you have 18 and 19 year olds moving out and trying to get an apartment and I can’t afford it cuz it’s too expensive that’s ridiculous. So let’s help our people first then we can help other people. God bless our President God Bless America

  8. I don’t want to be near any Democrat (senator, or congressman ) when our judgment day comes. Or any Democrat that voted for them if they press this Abortions bill..


  10. For the few curious Democrats willing to take the time to hear the president’s state of the union address, this will be another path of getting the information out. Let them hear, without the bias and brainwashing they receive on a daily basis, what is really going on in America. If the president can reach even one of them, I would judge the address a success. Get their eyes open just once and they will realize the sham the party of John Kennedy has become.

  11. I agree with Rush’s analysis. The Dems are so seething mad at Trump and much of this is because they’re feeding they’re own radical fury! In truth, Trump hasn’t really done anything to drastically change America. Most of their fear is over what Trump might do. I’m glad the American people will finally get to see how bad amdntruly dangerous Democrat’s are! In my judgment if democrats win in a fair election then this country deserves the hell and Mayhem that will follow. I just Hope Rush is right on the other half of his analysis, that the American people will not tolerate the extreme radical nature of the Dems.

  12. I couldn’t agree more with Rush. Democrats are going to implode from external pressure they are building up with their radical, but really stupid ideals.

  13. I agree. President Trump is a very intelligent man. He is the right person to take care of our country and we his people.

  14. Peloer is not helping the democRATS with her stand on the border wall especially after she led the president to believe that she would talk about it, the democrats are going to waste a lot of taxpayers money trying to prove that the president colluded with Russia, Mueller hasn’t proved it in two years of digging so what makes them think they can, they are getting subpoenas for any and every thing that he has done in his private business , they are cutting their own thruat

  15. I agree with Rush the demos are imploding.The more they turn left,the harder it is even for their own to handle the pressure. The demos have become a party of savages! JFK is probably turning over in his grave.

  16. I was born in 1950. The America I was born into no longer exists. The constant grinding down of everything that is good about this nation, the sacrifice of our Christian foundation in order to satisfy the Left’s lust for power and destruction seems unstoppable. I am certain of one thing only: God will turn His back on a nation that murders its children.

  17. I agree. The democrats definitely have a socialist agenda. I’ve been warning people about this for 10 years and everyone said I was crazy, even my replubican friends. They are looking at me asking how I could have know this. It started with Obamacare. The prices were high, the insurance was terrible but we had several choices of companies and plans the first year. I watched the choices and plans dwindled down to one company and only 2 plan options in my county by year 3 as the prices went up and coverage became less. The plan was meant to fail to try and head us to a government run health insurance plan. Unfortunately for it to even begin to work, all healthcare employees , hospitals and clinics would be under government control along with pharmaceutical and medical supply companies. The “free” healthcare premiums would have to come out of tax dollars, therefore we could guarantee that our “Medicare tax” would turn into an insurance tax that would be similar to the premiums we pay now. The money has to come from somewhere and I guarantee that is where it will be. So image free heathcare that cost more than private insurance with a lower standard of care. Senior citizens and disabled person will have a higher scrutiny put on their healthcare because they are not able to contribute to the workforce or pay as many taxes and are considered of less importance because they are no longer productive citizens. So everyone not of retirement age needs to consider how they will stay healthy until then and what will happen to there health in the so called “Golden Years” when they are of no economic value to the government. With socialize medicine the government only slots a certain numbers of electives surgeries per year, so let’s say you need a knee replacement…. you name goes on the list. It could be years before your turn came. Seniors and the disabled get the short end of the stick and can be bypassed by someone that holds a high status job, even if it’s the same job the senior retired from Our insurance now allows us to have the surgery when we actually need it.
    Once they have the healthcare totally under the government control we will be at the governments mercy. So we will end up trading more adequate healthcare for other rights.
    We are paying for healthcare for 22 millions illegals in the USA now using fake social security cards. LOL, just joking on this next statement, but maybe all US citizens should buy an extra forged one claim as a minority and claim free benefits and work on the original…it seems to be not high in the Social Security,FBI or HLS list to stop this. We paid out over a billion dollars last year in benefits to DECEASED US citizens, huh, wonder who they were!!!!

  18. Standing behind the President all the way. Someone left all the doors and windows open to the so far left insane asylum and they’re all in the run. This country belongs to the people not the nuts.

  19. It might be beneficial to lay out the responsibility of G. Soros and his radical push of everything democratic/socialist in our country. He’s funding many, many organizations and radical people running for office. May be a problem fighting his billions. Do we really want someone of his ilk influencing our country to make as HE wants it, I think not. He is a destructor of nations and economies…HE MUST BE STOPPED!

  20. If we (Republicans) lose the White House and the Senate, our republic will be destroyed. Even a second Civil War would be put down as the Democrats would control the military… If the far left is so unhappy with the freedoms that “we all” enjoy, then why don’t they just move out of the US to places that support their ideology.. If they cannot stand going into a grocery store and enjoy the many fruits of our capitalism, then let them move to Venezuela and shop “an empty store” trying to put food on their table for their starving family.. Hey Nancy…. why don’t you take down the wall around your private residence???? You say it is immoral??? Well guess what??? If that is true then “you are immoral”….. You are a hypocrite…… “You” will someday have to answer for your part in destroying our precious republic, simply because you covet your “precious gavel of power”

  21. It’s hard for me to believe anyone in their right minds would want to abort a full term pregnancy. What are the Dems thinking? I can’t help but picture in my mind, them going home at night and saying to their families ” I don’t really feel this way, I just want to hassle Trump.” I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that ANYONE would think this is okay. Not to mention Pelosi and her absolutely unbelievable thoughts on our constitutional rights. And how about their wanting to remove God from their oath. Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on? The USA has become a very scary place. It makes me clear sick at my stomach to think that the likes of Pelosi, Harris, and others are actually thinking of running for president. It also scares me to think of President Trump being assassinated. I am a US Navy veteran, I have always loved this country but the threats to our country from our own people are turning my head toward a better life somewhere else. Yes, the Dems are on the verge of suicide but they are killing the rest of us in the process. I trust Trump completely, if I didn’t I would have left this country long ago. I am going to wait till all the Mexicans are here in the states then I am moving to Mexico and start my own town. God Bless this country.

  22. Trump is actually doing exactly what we elected him to do. Make America great again. Showing the whole world how democrats are so far left they can’t see the world as we the people see it. I am praying that God will open blinded eyes to see the good in our country.

  23. It’s already been said so it proves even Duck Tape can’t fix stupid. I truly hope enough wake up before THE USA winds up like Venzulia in utter chaos.

  24. All of this leftist subversion has been developing for decades and will remain viable. I live in California where the Democrats saw the writing on the wall telling them that they were obsolete, ineffectual and on the way out. This is why they initiated a coup to overthrow the government, with Jerry Brown as the figure head to put the last nails in the coffin of the Republicans that had been healthy and viable. California now has a one party, overbearing big government socialist / neo-communist party that will win all elections. How did they accomplish this? The leftists forces deliberately went all in on the illegal open borders and have been encouraging the practices and providing tax payer funds for major support for millions of illegal aliens and their offspring (“sanctuary cities and state”. This Trojan Horse program has worked perfectly to take away the sovereignty of this state and make it an extension of Mexico. The propaganda behind it has been working so well that our entire nation is being overwhelmed by the California style Trojan Horse that is forcing its way through all the other states.

  25. We must focus on….Being One United Country again….being One people under God… We have strayed so far and the other real problem is cleaning up the RHINOS now that are against Trump.


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